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How to prepare for take off

When was the last time you got on a plane and flew away? Having only 2 neighbouring countries, chances are high that you took a flight just recently. Or are you like me and have your summer holiday still ahead of you? Whether you’re flying away for work or leisure, air travel including departures can be a pain. That doesn’t need to be! When working for one of the world’s best airlines, I’ve learnt a lot of making my departures as comfortable and hassle-free as possible!

Today, I want to share my top 5 tips for a smooth departure with you:

Tip No 1: Check in online at home.

This allows you to select your seat (if not done at time of booking) and speeds up dropping off any bags tremendously. In some cases, you can check in 48 hours before departure. No more queuing up in the departure hall.

Have your ID and the print out of your boarding pass or the electronic version on your Passbook app ready when dropping any bags off and when going through security.

Tip No 2: Travel light.

Ideally, this avoids you checking in your luggage.

Decide before you start packing what you really need for your trip. It’s okay to take a spare top if going on a business trip.

Filling a hockey bag for a weekend trip which fills up most of the overhead compartment, however, just becomes a nuisance for other travellers. Check large bags in!

Tip No 3: Be mindful of what you pack in your carry on.

Depending on your frequent flyer status, you may be able to have more than one carry on items.

Use a laptop bag from which you can pull out the laptop in one simple step. Don’t cover your laptop with other documents and clothes in your carry on suitcase.

Pre-pack your liquids in a clear, plastic bag before you’ll leave the house. Check you’re only taking the maximum amount (100 ml per item).

Ensure you don’t have any prohibited items with you. Ladies, this includes nail files over a specific size. They have to be generally shorter than the long side of a credit card. Check with your airport in advance if in doubt.

Remember, just because you can bring half your household onto the plane, it doesn’t mean that you should. Again, if you need to bring a lot, pack a larger bag and check it in before departure!

Tip No 4: Choose your travel outfit wisely. Going through the security checks can take time. What you’re wearing can help shorten these lines.

Remove your belt before you’ll get to the x-ray machine. The same goes for jackets and your Jawbone (or Fitbit or other fitness trackers).

Ask security whether your shoes will need to be removed (no lace boots, please!). Not all airports require shoes to be taken off.

After your items have been x-rayed, collect your box and move to the seats right after the inspection table at the end of the x-ray belt. You’ll get out of the way of other passengers and can take your time getting ready. No one will be rushing you when putting all your things into their respective bags, putting on your belt and shoes.

Tip No 5: Bring an adapter (US) and your own noise cancelling headset on board.

Most airlines have power outlets built into their seats, even in economy class. If you’re on long-haul flights, you can work away, listen to your music or watch films stored on your laptop without having to bring another battery along. Just plug your charger in and work or relax.

The noise cancelling headset can become your sanity saver if you’re on a night flight with noisy passengers. At last, you can close your eyes and sleep at least a little bit.

It can also act as your life saver if you don’t want to talk to your seat neighbour. But please, say “Hi” and “Good bye” to them. It doesn’t cost you anything and only shows you’ve common courtesy.

My loved ones have sent me another email for a special flight offer. Looks like I know what I’ll be doing tonight… Researching the next holiday destination J

I hope you’ve found a new trick today! When are you getting ready to jump on that plane and try it out? What is your pre-departure ritual that keeps you sane? Share with us what works for you. I’d love to learn from you!

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