How to entertain your visitors when the weather isn’t great

I love this region and the sunny weather we experience 350 days per year. It seems though like climate change is also leaving its marks here. My visitors are arriving tomorrow, looking for warm sunshine which has been hiding a bit recently. Now the question is what to do when it’s not lounging at the beach weather?

Here are my top 7 tips to entertain your guests when the weather isn’t that inviting:

How to entertain your visitors

Be physically active. Visitors love to explore a new city and be on their feet. Why not try out a new gym work out, participate in a yoga session or go to that (indoor) water park? Most of them bring sneakers, just grab a shirt and some shorts, as needed. Give your guests a chance to do something for their body and enjoy an activity which they may normally not make the time for.

Take a course. It’s so much fun to learn something new, especially with friends. Whether your guests are interested in cooking, calligraphy or writing a novel, there are so many classes and lectures taking place. The Emirates Literature Festival is a fantastic event for bookworms and writers.

Try out a new cuisine. Having a plethora of restaurants to choose from, why not opt for a cuisine new for your guests and maybe you, too? Jumeirah Mosque is offering cultural meals, introducing your guests to the typical Emirati cuisine, combining food with learning – fabulous!

Have a laugh. Many places regular host comedians. Put on that smile that suits you so well and laugh some more. Are your visitors not fluent in English or Arabic? Take them to some live music.

Write down your joint adventures. Have you and visitors known each other for many, many years? Create a little story book how your met, what trips you took or what activities you pursued together. Go through old pictures, reminisce and include them in your story book.

Use your brain at a quiz night. Bring out your competitive side while answering some general knowledge questions and with a little bit of luck, you and your visitors may even win a prize.

Embrace the weather and go for a long walk on the beach. If you’re not afraid of the weather, wear some warm or water-resistant clothes and head out. Having a hot cuppa afterwards will taste terrific!

Let’s see how the weather will be when my visitors are here. There are plenty of activities to do and don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of coffee breaks. What do you normally do with your guests when it’s not all hot and sunny? I’m looking forward to your comment!

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