Who’s in charge? You or your emails?

Over the years, I’ve appreciated the summer months at work. There are generally more public holidays and colleagues are using this time to go on leave for a few weeks. The number of emails and meetings drop and I can catch up on low priority projects as well as prepare for upcoming ones. It’s brilliant! With some companies also working a compressed summer schedule, it’s ideal to be more productive. However, this year, summer hasn’t slowed down.

Last Wednesday, about 70 emails waited for me in the morning. Now, you may say that’s nothing. Agreed, it’s all relative. For me, it’s over 2x the number of emails I normally receive overnight and every email requires an action. Sometimes it’s simply filing the email (I love these). For the majority, it’s replying with more specific information (these take time). The consultancy McKinsey discovered that we spend 28% of our time managing work emails. That’s almost 1 ½ days each week!

How can you control the time spent on email? Here are my top 15 tips for getting back in charge over your emails:

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Is your stuff bringing you down? The cost of clutter

Last week, I was helping a client transform her spare room filled with moving boxes into an arts and crafts haven.

Until then, walking by the room was dreadful for my client. “Where do I start?” was a big question and it was just easier to keep the door shut. Yet, she could feel the impact the room had on her, even with its door closed. It brought her down. You should have seen the smiles on her face at the end of our session. Her spirits are high and she’s now all set to start her first sewing project.

How is your stuff bringing you down? What are you paying while living with clutter?

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Eid Mubarak – Getting ready for the celebration of the summer

The last few weeks have been hot and humid. Fasting under these conditions was not easy. Yet, it’s a sacrifice a lot of Muslims are making every Ramadan. The holy month, as Ramadan is also referred to, will end this weekend with Eid Al-Fitr. Eid Al-Fitr is the Festival of the Breaking the Fast or Sweet Festival, celebrated with loads of sweet foods. You may wish your Muslim friends and colleagues “Eid Mubarak” (Blessed Eid).

Let’s get ready for the celebration of the summer with my top 5 tips:

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Start your day the night before

Do you know this scenario: You feel like you’ve just woken up yet it’s already time to rush out of the door? Do you ask yourself where the morning has just gone? So often, we seem to forget that the next day actually starts the night before. What can you do to prepare for a stress-free morning? Here are 7 tips which will help you to plan ahead and relax:

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Stay hydrated – Are you drinking enough? Here are 10 easy tips

As temperatures are soaring, it’s easy to forget how much we need to drink. If you’re feeling thirsty, it’s too late. You’re already dehydrated.

Staying hydrated has so many advantages. Our bodies are made of 60% of water. Our brain needs to stay hydrated to be able to concentrate, stop us from fatigue and feeling sluggish. Water keeps our skin healthy looking, gets rid of toxins in the body and supports a healthy heart. But how can you drink enough?

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Meal planning – 10 easy tips

It was shocking to read that the average US American household throws out about $900 worth of food year. You could have gone on a nice trip for that money!

I’m a big fan of waste less and save more. Meal planning is a fabulous way to achieve this. The dreaded question “Honey, what’s for dinner tonight?” is no more. You’ll make healthier dinner choices and will save on groceries. So many benefits, but how do you start a meal plan? Here are 10 easy tips:

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