Christmas presents

What presents are you giving?

My loved ones nonchalantly mentioned that they haven’t brought any Christmas presents yet. It’s the 12th of December! Christmas is just around the corner! For a lot of people, this could raise the pre-Christmas stress levels. Luckily, we have a rule in this family: No presents above EUR 30 (around 116 dirhams).

Are you also fed up with going in debt to give toys which, after only 3 days, are just laying around? Looking a disappointed expression on your loved one’s face when they don’t get the gift they wanted? It’s time to change your approach to gifting at Christmas! If you can’t or don’t want to give up presents just yet, present clutter-free, memorable gifts to your loved one!

Here are 23 great presents!

  1. Tickets for an exhibition, comedian, play or concert
  2. A round of ice skating followed by some hot chocolate
  3. A family portrait session
  4. Subscription to a digital magazine
  5. Savings bonds or other investments for children
  6. Basket filled with foods and a voucher for a cooking class
  7. Fabric for a piece of clothing for the sewing enthusiast
  8. A paper shredder for the one concerned about identity theft
  9. A weekend away for the entire family
  10. Membership fee for the Automobile Association for a year
  11. A completed project from the “To-Do-List”
  12. Seeds or bulbs for the gardener
  13. Voucher for a back or foot rub
  14. Homemade biscuits
  15. Donation to a charity
  16. A workshop or class
  17. Gift card for Kindle or iTunes
  18. Subscription to Cloud based services (including data backup)
  19. Home cooked meals for the college student
  20. Diapers, wipes and formula for the new parent
  21. Vouchers to babysit the youngster and give parents some time off
  22. Tickets to the zoo, children’s museum or science park for children or the entire family
  23. A personal hand-written letter to the recipient

Have you changed your attitudes to presents over the years? What are you giving this year? My mom will get her own photo organising session and an electronic picture frame. I’m excited for her to display her scanned pictures afterwards.

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