Take it easy this summer

Enjoy the slower pace

Have you ever heard of “Freizeitstress”? What?! This beautiful German word means recreational stress. Your leisure time is actually more stressful than giving you and relaxing. I’ve found many friends rushing from appointment to appointment and worse, they were so proud of being busy. How lovely was it to talk to this very interesting lady who said: “We’re taking it easy this summer!”

So many articles have been published about taking it easy. It was so refreshing to listen to this lady who actually is taking it easy. She is pursuing what’s best for her and her family. No school runs or should I say rush, her kids are sleeping longer and better, no Freizeitstress with the kids. Due to the hot temperatures in this region, she’s even getting her house organised now! Going through closets, declutter clothes. It was music to my ears. What was the best part of our conversation was how her face lid up describing their slower pace of life! She’s loving it!

Have you thought about taking it easy? Finding time for yourself, your relationship or your family? Here are 10 old-fashioned activities for the simpler life!

Cook a meal together. Whether it’s with your partner/spouse, your family or a friend, spend some time together and split the preparation. Who’s going to wash the vegetables? Someone else to cut them? Who’ll cook the meat? Who’s in charge of setting the table? Enjoy the meal. Have a conversation without your phones on the table.

Play a board game. When was the last time you played a board game? Classics like Monopoly, Chinese Checkers or Trivial Pursuit are just as much fun as modern ones like Settlers of Catan.

Run through your sprinkler system. When was the last time you did something silly? Something completely un-adult-like? In this heat, get your swim gear on and let your water cool off your skin. If you’re wanting a bit more water, go to the swimming pool (a chilled indoor one, if you live in my region) or a water park.

Read a book. This is the year of reading! So , get a book from the local library, your friends or from one of the various places around town where have a take one, leave one book exchange initiatives. As you turn the page, get sucked into another world.

Have a cuppa with your neighbour. Find out more about them and see if you have anything in common. If you already know your neighbour, catch up with what’s happening in their life. Foster that wonderful community spirit.

Create your own movie experience. Make popcorn or prepare your favourite cinema snack. Build up your seat with loads of cushions and pick from your on-demand, new releases or favourite all time films. Press start and enjoy the film.

Have an ice cream. It belongs to summer like sun lotion! My absolute favourite since childhood is a Spaghetti Ice Cream and it’s such a simple pleasure. Make home-made ice cream. Treat yourself to a scope or bowl!

Listen to an audio story. Hearing the actors describe a story trains your quiet concentration. In a world with so many distractions, focusing on one story almost appears as a skill. Be fascinated by the voices, their enunciation and emphasis.

Indulge take it easy this summer

Build a fortress or tent with your kids. Living with your partner/spouse? Be silly! Create your get own get-away inside your home. Discover a different perspective to your home.

Go on a hiking adventure. Do you want to be more active? Climb the great outdoors, weather permitted, or do it in the safety of an indoor court. We went to Times Square Centre to day and saw 3 kids master the cable climb challenge at Adventure HQ.

These activities may appear as simple in today’s world. Yet, they are super fun and let you experience what really matters: Enjoying yourself without depleting your energy. For the lady at the party, this means taking it easy. What’s your preferred way to take it easy?

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