Be aware: Energy vampires

Living in the Middle East, where temperatures can easily reach 45-50C (113-122F) in the summer, the thought of a siesta or afternoon nap to recharge your battery is very appealing. This morning, my colleague Marie was telling me this morning how low her energy levels were. Bang! At 2 am, she was bright awake and couldn’t fall back asleep. I’m sure Marie would have preferred the option for a power nap after lunch.

I can so emphasise with the siesta idea as I’m coming across various energy vampires during my day. This is referring to individuals who are sucking the life out of you. For me, multi-tasking is probably the biggest and more stressful one. Answering a call and simultaneously checking my emails or calculating something in excel don’t work. Every day, there’s a new study released which confirms that multitasking is not leading to increased productivity!

If you’re looking to save your batteries, consider these simple tips:

  • Decide the night before what you want to wear the next day. This also includes shoes, jacket and accessories. Save valuable decision making powers for a project in the office!
  • Check your weekly schedule and prepare a weekly meal planner before going to the supermarket. It’ll be super easy to answer the question “Honey, what’s for dinner?” and to dish up a balanced, healthy meal. Plus, you’ll save money when not having to order in again.
  • Before you leave the office, clear your desk and make a list of actions for the next day. Tidying your space up will also free your mind and allows you to enter a new productive environment the next day.
  • Block 15 minutes in your calendar (mid-morning and mid-afternoon if you can) and switch off your phone and email. Just breathe and reflect on your day. Gaining perspective will help you focus on the rest of your day.

To recharge your energy, try the following:

  • Focus on your breathing or mediate. There are plenty of simple activities lasting from as little as 3 minutes to 8 hours (maybe more for your weekend than during work). Here are some exercises for you to try: and
  • Exercise regularly. Even 30 minutes of walking a day will help you to switch off. How about splitting this time and going for a quick 15 minute walk after lunch?
  • Get a full, good night’s rest. You may want to activate a timer to remind you of your bed time. This can help to get into the habit of going to bed around the same time for most nights.

After all, energy leads to increased productivity on an intellectual, emotional and physical. Don’t allow any vampires to suck up your energy.

See you soon again,


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