Benefits of Being Organised

While I’m no big believer in fate, I sometimes wonder why a certain person would be sitting to me on is trip. During the NAPO a conference, I met some awesome organisers who shared different stories and insights, leaving me invigorated and energised.  On my return flight, David was sitting next to me and what a beautiful conversation we had.

Working at JFK airport, his belongings created stress for him. He hated driving or even more so being stuck in traffic. When he finally made the decision to sell his car, he could feel a load being taken from his shoulders. For him, deposing a number, well, a lot, of his belongings meant gaining freedom. “I’m relieved,” he said. “I’ve space in my apartment and can focus on the people and things that really matter to me.” For him, decluttering his life style clearly have paid off and he described him as a more balanced and appreciating person.

What could you gain from being (more) organised?

  • Time:  With papers, presentations, important documents, etc. filed or put in their place, you don’t need to spend any time looking for them. Wouldn’t this be a big relief before going into a meeting with a big client?
  • Space: Keeping only things you value and are disposing items that you have multiple times, you make automatically make space. After all, how many hairdryers do you really need? 
  • Money: Knowing that there’re still 2 bottles of shampoo underneath your bathroom sink, you don’t need to buy another one. Save your money until you need to buy it.
  • Energy: The mad rush and the effort to search for your stuff drains your energy levels tremendously. Being organised, you simply know where to look for the item and bang, found!
  • Relationships: Next time someone rings the door bell unannounced, you don’t have to fall into a scare freeze. Just open the door and invite them. You’ll be actually able to enjoy your relationships with your significant other, family, friends and business partners more.

What’s stopping you from taking the first step? I’m here to help you start becoming more organised and enjoying your life more,


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