What are you grateful for?

How do you say thanks?

Today’s Thanksgiving in the US and folks are sharing their gratitude and thanks. For some, today is the day in the year to reflect on what they have. Others do it more often or regularly. Do you know what you are grateful for? Do you keep a gratitude journal?

My family

My loved ones are my loved ones! They know which buttons to push and they can (and will) drive me crazy. I love them dearly and miss them when we’re not together. And when we are together, read the second sentence again!

My loved ones have given me more than I can ever list. Not becoming sentimental, but without my parents, this blog wouldn’t exist, I wouldn’t exist…

I love how I can spoil my loved ones with little things and gestures. Gone are the days when bigger is better and we care much more to be with each other.

My friends

My friends are like an extended family and spread across the world. I love who each of them represents something of me or something I’m fascinated by or interested in. My friends make me laugh and how many great memories we’ve collected together.

Like my loved ones, my friends offer me support and I’m grateful when I can do a favour for them. Sitting together, like we did today, chatting away, it’s fantastic.

My health

Having had some health scares, I’m grateful for being healthy and fit (ish). It’s a wonderful feeling getting up in the morning and being pain-free. Learning more and more to take better care of myself, I can see the improvements my body and mind is experiencing. Sure, there are certain foods or stressful situations I should avoid, still, I’m handling them much better and after all, who can say no to Rossovivo’s Pizza?

My work

Over the years, I’ve been lucky to work in different countries and learn more every day. I’ve been blessed working for not just 1 but 2 of the world’s best bosses (Ann Ruske and Brad Flynn)! The exposure I’ve had within and outside my various organisations was amazing. The learnings and the experiences, understanding my values and determining my goals all prepared me to venture out and run my own business. And that comes with its owns challenges, a steep learning curve and huge satisfaction. I love it!I'm grateful for my work

My life

I’ve been fortunate to experience my first American Thanksgiving 24 years ago. It meant a huge sacrifice from my family at the time and I’m extremely grateful for the passage they opened for me.

Growing up, we spent our summer holidays abroad – every year! Except for one year! We got an international education, saw places only read about in history books and all that despite my mother not being rich by any means. But she knew her prioritises and up-to-now, travel is a huge part in her (and my) life. What she has started, is manifested in me and how I live my own life.

I’m very appreciative and grateful for the experiences and memory I could collect over the years. Knowing that I don’t say it often enough:

Thank you for being part of my life!

What are you grateful for? Take some time today and reflect. If you are celebrating, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Until next time,


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