Leave the office prepared for tomorrow

Use the last 15 min today for tomorrow

Are you still in the office? Still stuck in that never ending meeting? And you’ve still so much paper on your desk? Feeling overwhelmed and don’t know how to get back in control?

Take the last 15-30 minutes of your workday today and prepare for tomorrow!

Write down your goals for tomorrow. In the morning, look at this list only. This will allow you to get the important activities done before emails and phone calls determine how your day will be spent. The minute you start checking your emails, you are no longer in charge of your time.

Clear your desk. Remove any take away cups or other trash. Look at the papers on your desk. Ask yourself: Do I need to save this paper laying on my desk? If it’s an email, does the electronic version suffice? If there’s no legal or regulatory requirement to keep a paper, throw it into the recycling bin or shred it. If you must keep it, file it at the right place tonight.

Now, you may not be able to clear it all during your first session and that’s okay. Start with one area, like the papers right in front of your keyboard. Every day, continue to approach one area and just keep going through the papers.

Check your calendar for tomorrow. Which meetings do you have? Do you still need to attend each and every one? If not, decline it. If that’s not an option, delegate it to a member of your team. If you need to attend, ask whether the meeting can be shortened.

For the remaining meetings, what documents do you need to bring along? Put these in a folder and place them in spot where you can easily pick them up tomorrow. If your first meeting is outside the office, take them with you tonight. Put them in your bag now!

When you get home, pack your bag for tomorrow: your laptop, chargers, documents and what else you need. Place it where you can’t miss it, like at your house door. If there’s anything else that you can’t forget, put it next to your car keys. Or place your car keys next to it.

With all this said, it’s time for me to clear my desk and plan my tomorrow. What’s your way of preparing for tomorrow? Share your way with us and leave a comment!

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