Back to school again

Send your kids back to school again

It’s that time of the year again! School is about to resume for a new academic year and many parents are looking forward to it. You should have seen my friend this morning. Counting down the days till her kids are back at school!

Before you’re heading out buying new school items this weekend, check out our top 5 tips to prepare for this year’s back to school:

1. Check what you have.

Schools sent out a list of study supplies your kids need. Before you’ll buy all new stuff, go through what you already have. As you do this, put the items aside and tick them off the supply list. Remember that your kids don’t need brand new stuff every year. A pencil will be used on the first day. It thus doesn’t matter if they’ve already used it in the previous school year.

2. Clean what you have.

Your kids won’t require a new backpack every year. Their current one may just need a little bit of cleaning outside and inside. P&G shows you how you can clean most of your kids’ bags, pencil cases and shoes with their products. Of course, you can use other cleaners to get rid of marks, too.

3. Shop with a list.

Buy only what’s been left unticked on your back to school supply list. Not only will it save you money but it will also save you from having the same item 3, 5 or 9 times at home. Just count how many pens and erasers you have in your home!

Consider also how you want to shop. Gulf News has collected this overview of cheap stationary suppliers. Will you go to multiple stores and buy what’s on offer, taking longer in time to complete this shopping trip or will you buy everything from one store, potentially paying more in total but saving time?

4. Prepare their study area.

Too often are kids studying in front of the TV. While this may (may!) work for arts & crafts projects, create a more appropriate study area. Give them space to put their books and notes out. Besides a traditional desk, they may read while sitting on a bean bag or in a chair. Keep this area quiet where they can fully concentrate.

Do your kids need to study together? This can be a distraction for some children. See whether taking turns helps them. Also work with their energy levels as much as possible. A kid will struggle to give its full attention when it’s experiencing an afternoon slump. Let them play or relax during this time instead.

5. Get their backpack ready.

Gently transition back to school by packing your kids’ bag 2 days before school starts. You (and they) can relax, knowing everything is ready to go. There’s no need for an emergency packing session. You’ll have plenty of those during the school year.

Sort out their outfit for the first day back at school when you’re getting the backpack ready. Get it ironed, hung on a hanger and ready to go. Some moms also swear by choosing the kids’ underwear and socks in advance.

A final tip: As it’s the long Eid weekend in this region (Labour Day Weekend in the US), the malls will be packed. You may want to hit them early or, at least, be mentally prepared for the massing and requiring a bit longer! Parking can be nightmare.

With that, I can only wish you and your children a fun, educational and successful 2017/18 school year!

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