Wishing you a Happy 2017!

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

2016 is almost over. Christmas was festive, although a bit quieter. We’ve enjoyed the time together and trust, with these (perceived) arctic temperature, I’m so glad we did! Today, we’re celebrating my mom’s birthday. The celebrations just continue.

2017 is soon upon us and I hear many people say “Let this year be over”. This year has seen many loved ones and celebrities leave this earth. David Bowie was one of my favourite stars growing up. That was a shock. Just like we witnessed the unpredicted Brexit and the win of some unlikely presidents. Climate change is worsening and stupidity seems to be rising.

Yet, 2016 had its good moments. Friends of mine welcomed their little baby daughter. A friend passed her professional qualification while others secured employment. The Colombian government and FARC signed a peace deal after 5 decades (!) of violence. World hunger reached its lowest point in 25 years and the number of Malaria-related deaths decreased by 60% since 2000.

Personally, this year brought more positive than negative energy into my own little world and I’m excited for 2017 to continue on a good vibe. I’m thrilled to be celebrating New Year’s Eve with my loved ones and friends. Let’s make some noise and scare the bad spirits away.

The last few days of 2016 are also a great time to reflect on this year and set goals for 2017. I was happy reading Autumn’s post reminding us to focus on specifics rather than keeping our goals broad. As I’ll be travelling soon, I’ll use that internet-free (read: distraction-free) time to specify my 2017 goals further. I love using travel time for activities that require my full concentration. With no escape, it’s a perfect opportunity to beat procrastination and prepare myself mentally and action-wise for 2017.

With this being said, I can only wish you one thing: May 2017 be a fantastic year for you!

May you be blessed with true friends, good health and enough of whatever else you need. May 2017 be the year when you complete the projects started long-time ago and when you get the energy to go further. May you have the courage to travel to remote parts of the globe and gain experiences not for sale in a film or book.

May 2017 be your best year yet!

Until 2017,

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