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5 easy ways to get moving after the Holidays

How many additional calories did you consume this Christmas? While I’ve consciously limited my indulgences, sitting so much over the Holidays got me down. Luckily, I could get my loved ones out for a walk in the rain, typical Christmas weather.

This afternoon, we’re off to our local football stadium and I can’t wait to get moving again. Do you too want to make small changes and get active again? Here are 5 easy activities which will get you moving now!


It’s one of the easiest ways to get active. You don’t need any special equipment. Just put your shoes on and put one foot in front of the other. Walking is a wonderful way to improve your heart and cardiovascular health. Best of all, it’s free!

If you’re not used to walking much, start small by just walking around your block. After 3-5 walks, increase it to 2 blocks, after 6-8 walks to 3 blocks and so on. As you’re getting used to walking, increase your speed and move more briskly.

Ideally, you can walk for 30 minutes each day. Break it into smaller walks, if you can’t make the time for it in one go. Spend 10 minutes of your lunch break walking. Not only does it get you moving. It also helps your digestion, clears your mind and re-energises for the afternoon.


Swimming is an all-over body workout that gets all your muscles moving. Like walking, it’s a low-impact sport. Water provides you with enough resistance, yet, is easy on your joints. Exercising in water improves your coordination and flexibly at the same time. It’s a great way to cool down as temperatures are rising.

Similar to walking, you just need your swimsuits or shorts, maybe a cap for your hair and goggles and off you go. You can swim up and down your pool or do some water aerobics. If you’re bound for time, swim in the morning and have your usual morning shower afterwards.


Do you want to go far? Get on your bike! Easy on the joints, cycling relaxes due to its uniform movement. Cycling is also great for your coordination. Don’t fall off!

Cycling will also help your weight loss after the Holidays snacks. Researchers from the University of Illinois have found that cycling further improves your cardio-respiratory fitness, building new brain cells.

If you live in a city with plenty of traffic, go to the cycling tracks which make for a safe area. Wear a helmet and be visible. Put on a high visibility jacket and turn lights (front and back) on.


Jumping Jacks are a quick and easy way to improve your mood and mental health. Now, jump on a trampoline and you’ll get your endorphins flowing in no time. Jumping on a trampoline increases muscular strength and bone health. It improves overall mobility and athleticism and gets your kids moving too.

You can have a small trampoline in your home (watch the ceiling height) or a larger one in your garden. Watch out! Your neighbours may want to come and try it out, too!Jump moving


Do you want to focus on stress relief while being active? Try out yoga. Its different postures improve your flexibility and teach you better breathing. Yoga is a great exercise which focuses on the presence and works well to stay mindful.

I’ve already told my loved ones that we’ll increase our activities over the next few days again. With us being back at work, routine will come naturally and we’re not going to wait till 1 January 2017. We’re starting now! What are you doing to get moving again?

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