7 things to declutter this week

What will you let go this week?

What are your plans for this week? A big presentation, a dinner with friends and some celebrations maybe? Take each day of this week to free yourself up from clutter in your home. It’s a simple as 1-2-3!

What are some easy areas for you to declutter this week? Here are our 7 inspirations for you: 

Monday: Bras.

It’s Pink October and time to look after your boobies. Make an appointment for a check up and mammogram. Many clinics and hospitals are offering a special rate this month. Schedule it today. At the same time, go through your selection of bras. Which ones give your breasts the support they need? Are the wires sticking out? Is the bra losing its firmness? As our bodies are changing, it’s recommended to get a bra fitting annually.

Tuesday: Make up.

We all know that expired food can be unhealthy. Yet, we tend to keep our make up beyond its expiration date and often ignore the consequences. Especially liquid make up becomes a playground for bacteria, causing irritation on your skins or even infections in your eyes. As a general rule, you can keep powders for a longer period while fluids need to be consumed within 3-6 months after opening it first. Nowadays, the expiry date is often printed on the container. My grandmother wrote down the date when first opened helping her to track the time.

Wednesday: Jewellery.

This may also be an activity for your teenage daughter! Go through your jewellery box and see which pieces are broken. Can you get them fixed? If so, make a date with a jeweller to get them repaired. Are pieces still with their set? Think of your earrings. Do you still have the pair? If not, would you wear the single one? If not, throw it out or sell it. You can check with your jeweller whether you could get any money for it.

Thursday: Towels.

Did you receive towels for your wedding (yes, they were famous presents!)? Or did you buy them when moving here but they’ve since been covered with some food stains or have even small burn holes? Let them go and replace them with new ones. It’s an easy way to also change the look of your kitchen (tea towels) and bathroom (shower towels).

Friday: Medicine.

Today, go through your medicine cabinet. Take out your expired pills, syrups and creams. Don’t forget to also check your handbag! What first aid items do you have there? Have you made that annual check up with your doctor? Fantastic! Take your out of date medicine to your doctor or your pharmacist for proper recycling.

Saturday: Phone numbers.

In this region, people move rather frequently. How many of your friends, neighbours and colleagues have moved back to their home country or another expat location? Having terminated their local numbers but it’s still saved in your phone? Go edit and delete.

Sunday: Tapes and CD-ROMs.

It’s surprising how many still have tapes (cassette and videos) or CD-ROMs but don’t have the recorders, players or drives to actually play them. What are the chance that you’ll ever listen to your tapes again? Slim to none? Throw them out or get them converted to digital. Ensure you have ways to display them on your laptop, too.

I will go through these items with you this week and expect the phone numbers will take the longest for me. If you’ve already decluttered an area like the tapes, choose your own for that day! Tell us next week how you got on with these 7 things to declutter this week. What was easy? What was harder to let go off? We’d love to hear from you!!

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