How too much stuff brought me down

Ever felt the weight of your stuff?

Has too much stuff ever drained you? We all read about the weight of clutter on our lives and it’s true. Peter Walsh, the Australian organiser and close friend of Oprah, wrote a book on losing the clutter and shedding pounds off your body. Believe it or not, this is what I experienced over the last few weeks too.

For the last 4 weeks, a lady lived in our guest room. This guest room is probably just like yours – it’s more than just a guest room. It serves as my office and my arts and crafts room plus keeps the winter coats, golf outfits and towels. All cupboards were emptied and everything stored in the bedroom. The little green oasis became a cluttered room!

The clothes and towels were easily stored in the bedroom closets. Boy was I lucky to regularly review and declutter all clothes. There was plenty of space between the tops and trousers and even with the new bits, you could still reach for one piece without having piles of clothes falling on you.

Regularly declutter your wardrobe stuff

The 4 arts and crafts boxes were a different issue. They were the ones that really started to annoy me. Given their size, they didn’t fit underneath the bed (mental reminder to measure the under bed height next time!) and were placed under the window still. Every time I walked in, I immediately saw them and felt like the room was much smaller than it actually is.

Personally, I did not like having the extra stuff in the bedroom. At least, I’d only see it all this stuff about 2x a day: In the morning and at night. Still, opening your eyes to a room that’s (okay, I’ll be exaggerating here) closing in on you was dreadful for me.

You can’t believe how relieved I was the home was back in its regular state. The spare bedroom is once again a guest room, an office, an arts and craft room and a place to store the winter clothes, golfing outfits and towels!

I know for some of you this is a familiar scenario and that’s why Organised Life and Mind exists!

We help you to let go of all this stuff that’s overfloating your home. Taking the stuff in your cupboards, closets and boxes, we review what you need and want to keep. Whether you want to only have 2 sets of bedding for each bed in your house or organise your library of over 1,000 books, we are here for you. We guide you and support you making the decisions to create the home you want and deserve.

Contact us today if you also want to take off tons of your shoulder and experience this freer life!

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