Get fresh fruit and vegetables at the farmers market

Get fresh fruit and vegetables at the farmers market

The weekend starts with a trip to the farmers market

The weather is still wonderful, although we can tell it’s getting warmer every day. This month will be the last outdoor farmers market for us in this region. While there’s an abundance of fruit and veg available in our supermarkets, locally grown produce is just so tasty!

Eat healthier snacks

Over the last few weeks, we’ve gone every Friday morning, buying little cherry tomatoes and yellow pear tomatoes. These were perfect for our various recipes and even better for snacking! Last week, we tried kumato, which is a round and rather dark red-purple-black colour. They still fit into our mouth, so still good for a snack.

Vegetables from the farmers market

Try out a new recipe

One week, we got carried away and bought way too many vegetables. We normally make pasta sauce in these cases. This time, we looked at our cookbooks for alternatives and new inspirations. While I am not a great chef and love my pasta (happy to eat it 5x a week), I needed to try something new. Although I’ve lived a number of years in Ireland, I don’t recall ever making Irish Stew. This St. Patrick’s Day I did and it was actually tasty.

Enjoy a cup of coffee at farmers market

Make it your hang out

Our farmers market may not be the biggest in the city but yet has so many different vendors. There’s something for everyone. People can get a freshly made sandwich or drink a cup of karak. At other stalls, coconuts are cut open for refreshment. Families bring their blanket, some kids eating the fresh produce and others running around.

We’ve met friends for our catch ups here. For us, it’s a fabulous way to combine our shopping trip with some fun and a cup of coffee. It’s also a fantastic way to catch some vitamin D at the start of the weekend.

The trip to our farmers market is such an experience and we’re already looking forward to going there tomorrow morning.

Do you have a favourite activity that marks the beginning of your weekend? Is it also going to the farmers market or maybe sleeping in or having a long breakfast with your loved ones? Share with us what you love to do. Can’t wait to read about it!

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