How many sets of bedding do I need

How many sets of bedding do I need?

How many sets of this or that is right to me?

“How much sets of this or that do I need?” This question is popping up more and more. One of my clients was struggling to decide what the right number for her and her family of 4 was. And we’ve seen that she’s not the only one looking for an answer. This week, we’re tackling this question!


The common approach these days is to keep 2 sets of bedding per bed. This gives you an opportunity to use one while the other one is in the laundry.

Are you using fitted sheets? They are easy to put on the bed and stay where they should throughout the night. Yet, for most, they’re a pain to fold and probably take up more space than needed in most closets. Watch this video (with a big twisted laugh) to enhance how you’re folding these fitted sheets. Put that plus the other flat sheet or cover sheet into a pillow case and you have everything in one place.

If you are using a comforter, you can also have a lighter one for the summer months and a heavier one for the cooler winter months. When you’re swapping the comforter, get them cleaned and only then store it.


This is where opinion differs. Some say 2 sets (hand towel and bath/shower towel plus face cloth, if you use it) and the approach is the same as explained above: 1 set is in use while the other one is in the laundry. If you and your family are taking frequent showers (more than 1x a day), you may wish to replace the towels more often, too. To avoid running the washing machine all the time or half empty, that’s where the view of having 3 sets kicks in. Having that additional set gives you a little bit more time before you have to do another load of laundry.

Do you go to the beach? Have one beach towel. Especially in this region, it will dry before you’re going back the next day.

Cups and mugs

We’re received yet another wedding invitation this week and checked out their gift registry. Guess what’s on it? You’re correct. More cups, mugs and glasses. If you’re starting out, traditional gifts like these may be okay but what about the couple that has everything already?

When you’re accessing your cups and mugs, look at your drinking habits throughout the day. Are you having a coffee for breakfast, then head out for the day? Do you come home, have a cup of tea and that’s it? Have 4 cups in this case. A set to be used on the day, another set for the next day.

Do you spend more time at home and drink plenty of hot drinks? Increase that number to 6 cups per person.

We’ve seen it so many times that people say: “We love to entertain.” Fabulous! How often do you have friends and family members come over? How many are we talking about? Oh, once every 3 months. Rather than keeping your cupboards full with cups you don’t use, use every cup when you have visitors over and do the dishes once they’ve left.

Enjoy simplicity how many sets do I need


This may be different depending on what you eat and how. For each person in your house, have 4 regular plates for lunch and dinner, 2 smaller plate for breakfast, which you can also use for afternoon cake, and 2 soup (cereal) bowls. The idea is to have a set for one day while there’s another one already in the dishwasher or waiting to be used the next day.

If you are frequently having friends over for dinner and don’t believe in disposable plates, you may wish to keep an additional set of plates in your house. Do you prefer to eat soups or pasta out of a bowl? Invest in those.

When working with our client and looking at their day-to-day, we could identify the appropriate number of sets for them. Do want to benefit from more space in your house? Like more guidance on the right number of pots, glasses or dresses for you? Contact us and find out how we can offer confidential and non-judging decluttering sessions in person or virtually to you.

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  1. I only keep one set per bed and wash when I know I have time to wash/dry and re-make the bed all in the same day…usually on a weekend! 🙂 Thus, no space needed for extra sheets.

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