Do what scares you

Get out of your comfort zone

Last week, I felt scared. S**t scared! I exhibited at ARTE, the arts and craft market, for the first time. At around this time, I was going through the emotions and what a roller coaster ride that was. Finishing up the last designs and the questions popped back up: “Am I good enough?” “Will they like my designs?” “Will they also buy some?”

There was the panic moment, or maybe moments. “Do I have enough to sell or should I make some more?” There was resignation. “I’m too tired to do anything after this week. I’m done.” Once everything was packed and ready for the show, there was pride. “I’ve done it!” But I didn’t feel scared until I stood next to my stand, the different pieces up for display and waiting for the first customers to come by. “I’m s**t scared!” was the message I sent to my loved ones. 

ARTE Scared comfort zone

A friend once told me that if it scares you, you’ll need to do it. I’m not so sure that’s always true. Maybe that’s due to my personal preference of weighing up the pros and the cons. Still, doing things that scare you add some life to you!

I’m not talking about driving at such a high speed that it becomes dangerous and plain silly. But getting out of your comfort zone. Push yourself and experience how you can grow. Whether this is starting a new job after working 15 years with the same company or setting up your own company, do something that is not your normal routine life.

  1. Sign up for a charity run even if you can only walk the distance so far
  2. Go on that hiking adventure in the Andes
  3. Take a carpentry class despite thinking you have 2 left hands
  4. Cook a 5-course-meal
  5. Learn an instrument, regardless how bad your sense of rhythm is (I can’t keep the tact to save my life!)
  6. Slowly approach a pet you are afraid of
  7. Go to a Toastmaster’s event and deliver a presentation in front of strangers
  8. Speak about your feelings with your loved ones
  9. Leave your phone at home for an evening or entire day
  10. Take a risk

By the end of the ARTE exhibition, I was tired, shattered and so very proud of myself. My mom sold hand painted china many years ago and I did not inherit her artistic talent. Yet, creating my own little designs and selling enough that I’m exhibiting again at ARTE, it pushed me and made me grow. If you’re at Times Square Market, Friday, 26 May, 10 am – 6 pm, come and say hello! I’d love to meet you!

In the meantime, tell me: What have you done recently that made you feel scared? How did you step outside your comfort zone?

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