50 activities for kid

50 activities you can do with your kid for free

Keep your kid entertained without spending any money

“We spend so much money entertaining our kid every weekend.” It was the amount of a family’s food budget! As much as we love our little ones, most of us don’t have an unlimited pot of money. For those of you who are on a “no spend” week or month, this sounds like a crazy story. There are so many ways to spend time with your kid without spending money:

  1. Go swimming
  2. Play a board game
  3. Perform a magic trick
  4. Create new crayons
  5. Present your own puppet theatre
  6. Make a family tree
  7. Scrapbook together
  8. Play jump rope games
  9. Write a handwritten letter to family members
  10. Make your own playdough
  11. Dance
  12. Go to the local playground
    Playground kid
  13. Perform a concert
  14. Go for a walk in the park
  15. Build a fort
  16. Write a story
  17. Play a card game
  18. Start a microgarden
  19. Go to the beach
  20. Paint rocks
  21. Listen to a story at the library
  22. Have a scavenger hunt
  23. Draw new art
  24. Watch a movie
  25. Visit a museum
  26. Create a puzzle for others to solve
  27. Play a musical instrument
  28. Bake a cake
  29. Try a science experiment
  30. Create a comic book
  31. Watch the planes take off at the airport
  32. Have an indoor picnic
  33. Make pizza
    Make pizza kid
  34. Do a fashion show
  35. Set up your own spa
  36. Perform a show
  37. Build a cereal box home
  38. Play a video game
  39. Make animals out of Playdough
  40. Build Lego
  41. Create a family picture book
  42. Volunteer as a family
  43. Listen to an audio book
  44. Make a necklace out of pasta or sweets
  45. Fix a broken toy
  46. Play mini ping pong
  47. Connect the dots
  48. Go for a bike ride
  49. Make fruit popsicles
  50. Play mini golf

What’s your favourite way of spending time with your kid? We’d love to hear what you’re doing together. Do you have a separate budget for kid/family activities or do you choose free of charge? Looking forward to reading your comments!

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