12 Days of Christmas

Christmas is on 14 days away

This year, we’re taking it super easy with Christmas. There won’t be any presents, just a trip for a few days with the loved ones (guess that’s a gift in itself). We won’t have to worry special meals or special entertainment. It will be very relaxed and we’re looking forward to it.

Still, we understand not everyone will have it this relaxed. If you are expecting the in-laws or want to enjoy your beautiful home without the clutter during the holidays, we have the perfect solution for you:

Our 12 days of Christmas!

If you’re following us also on Facebook, you may have seen our posts. We recognise that their algorithms have changed and not everyone does see our posts. So, let us introduce our 12 days of Christmas to you.

For 12 days, we’re giving practical tips for a quick daily decluttering exercise. Each post has 2-4 activities which you can do on your own or involve your loved ones and make it a family affair. After all, they live in your home too and should take some responsibility for their actions.

While you can swap the days, you may wish to look at Day 1, Day 2 and Day 10 first. Do you have your holiday plans already sorted? Are you travelling abroad where you’ll be a guest? Fab! Then you probably don’t have to worry about the menu and what ingredients to buy.

For everyone else, we recommend starting with Days 1, 2 and 10. Get that out of the way, order the turkey (or whatever else you may cook) and then tackle the other eye soars in your home.

Without further ado, here are our first 10 days of Christmas decluttering and organising tips for you:

12 Days of Christmas Day 1 Celebrate

12 Days of Christmas Day 2 Pantry

12 Days of Christmas Day 3 Toys

12 Days of Christmas Day 4 Bathroom

12 Days of Christmas Day 5 Visitors

12 Days of Christmas Day 6 Paper

12 Days of Christmas Day 7 Gift wrapping

12 Days of Christmas Day 8 Clothes

12 Days of Christmas Day 9 Donations

12 Days of Christmas Day 10 Festive Meals

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Even better, drop us a quick mail or leave a comment below. Let us know how you’re getting on preparing for the holidays and finishing up this year. What all is on your mind before you can sit back and relax?

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