The power of your public library

The power of your public library

Explore your public library again

When in Boston, what do you see? You’d probably walk the historic Freedom Trail, watch a baseball game or enjoy the greenery in Boston Common, a massive public park in the centre of the city. During our recent visit, we also added the Boston Public Library to the itinerary. My friend is a keen lover of books and fascinated by its architecture. This public library did not disappoint and reminded me how we all should utilise the power of our public libraries more frequently.

Gazillion new books

Growing up, the public library provided thousands of books – for FREE. My sister and I would rush there after school and check out the latest arrivals. The Three Investigators was one of my favourite books and there would have been no way I could have paid for them all. After all, they’ve published over 200 books.

As a parent, you appreciate having new stories to read to your little ones. There’s only so much you can take from the same story over and over again. Many public libraries have a designated children’s section where you can not only find new books but also spend time and entertain your kid. Take your kid out and let them pick a book or two in your local library.

Home library

So much space saved

Boston Public Library has more than 23.7 million items in its collections. Unless you’re living in a mansion, I doubt you’d have enough storage for these. Plus, the amount of care you need to dedicate to them. Dusting would certainly not be for me here!

Visiting your library frees up space at home. You no longer need to maintain a large collection of your books. No more “I’ll read it again one day.” Borrowing your books from your library lets you explore new authors and genres without having to dust off any of the old books at home.

Not just books

Many libraries have expanded their services from just books and magazines. They are also offering CDs, DVDs (do you still use them?) and equipment for your hobbies. One library provides baking utensils, for example. This is genius! You probably don’t want to spend hundreds of Dirhams (or Dollars) on baking moulds which you’ll use once a year. Getting them from your library is such a good alternative and you don’t have the form clutter up your kitchen cupboards.

Following the educational spirit, libraries also function as schools. They often hold seminars and lectures. It’s such a fantastic way to learn something new. If you like to venture into so many different areas, this is a great place. Libraries have also teamed up with employment and career centres. Whether you are looking for a job or are thinking about changing careers, libraries offer practical tips and plenty of material to pursue your ambitions. All’s under one roof!

Jump into a different world public library

It’s a community

Reading connects and by going back to your local library, you may be surprised how many new connections you’ll make. It’s probably not in the quiet corner where readers dive into a different world. The library café, a place where generally beverages are cheaper than in other coffee shops, lets you make these human connections and become part of another group.

In days where we seem to rush from one place to another, fill up our calendars with meeting after meeting, your local library can become your escape. The peace and quiet can let you forget about the hurry and take it easy again. We love that about libraries. What is the favourite part of your local library?

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