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At the end of the week, I often feel deflated and can’t wait to recharge my batteries over the weekend. Work can be very stressful and I’ve recognised the need to relax to avoid burnout. For me, this means spending time with my loved ones, going out and having fun with my friends and, despite the heat, golf or some other physical activity.

How do you boost your energy levels? If you don’t know which method is suitable for you, take this test from Psychologies UK. Here are 5 suggestions for everyone to take a break and regain your strength:

  1. Declutter your schedule. Look at your calendar for the weekend, the next week or even the next month. Prioritise which activities are giving you joy and bring you to life. Keep these and cancel or postpone meetings or activities which drain you. Unless it’s the meeting with your pensions advisor, which you’ve been changing for months. This is an important one to keep.
  2. Spoil yourself with some “me” time. Whether you’re single, married or a parent, you’ll need some time for yourself (“me” time). “Me” time focuses on you, you, you, you. Do whatever you want to: Read a book, meditate or go for a run, get a manicure or a massage, or simply watch the world go by at the beach. If you have children, have a babysitter look after them and enjoy this “me” time.
  3. Go on a connectivity detox. We live in a world where 24/7 connectivity is the norm. Remember your last flight without Wi-Fi? Absolute horror? If that’s the case, turn your devices off for an hour, the evening, a day or the weekend. The world is not coming to an end if you’re not checking your emails immediately. Read this article “The Joy of Disconnecting” if you need to know more benefits.
  4. Enjoy some delicious and healthy food. We all know what impact sugary and fatty foods have on us. They are tasty, wanting us to eat more. Yet, we often feel more exhausted and slow afterwards. Eating more vegetables and fruit, drinking more water and cutting down on caffeine and sweets provides you with more energy. If you’re looking for a quick snack, try almonds or yoghurt. More inspirations can be found here.
  5. Listen to music. It has a calming effect on the body and no matter where you, just pop in your headset. There may be times when you’d like to listen to classic music (e.g. in a traffic jam) or something more upbeat to which you can sing along.

As the work week is coming to an end, what are you going to do to recharge your batteries this weekend? I’d love to hear from you!

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