Feng Shui and clutter

Fighting clutter the Feng Shui way

Have you ever been to a Feng Shui course? I was very excited when I arrived at one organised by Expat Woman last week. Mostly women (go figure) attended what provided to be an insightful session. Dr. Padmaja Yadav from Vaastu for Art of Living not only gave practical tips of how to decorate your home. She also spent time talking about clutter. Who knew that philosophy which started around 3500 BC would also focus on clutter?


Many interior designers advice their clients to use a mirror to give the image of a larger room. From a Feng Shui perspective, mirror also double the clutter that’s spread around an area or entire room.

Dr. Yadav shared an interesting story about mirrors. By now, you proably know that mirrors should not be facing the bed. During the night, your soul leaves your body and by seeing itself in the mirror, it gets frightened. Dr. Yadav took it one step further. As your soul is re-energising itself during the night, if you had a bad day and your soul sees itself in the mirror, there’s no possibility of it to let go of the day’s events. I never considered this Feng Shui perspective nor how it linked to clutter!


Toys move constantly. Even if you have a dedicated play room, chances are your kids take some of the toys to another room. To keep them under control (and safe yourself from falling over them), keep baskets or totes handy. Depending on your kids’ age, ask them to put their toys into these when they’re finished playing with them. Marie Kondo recently announced that she waits until her young daughters are asleep before she picks them up. Decide what works best for you and your family.

Flow (Chi)

Working with my clients, they often comment on how they can’t get as much done as they’d like at home. They recognise that clutter is the biggest issue for them to focus and be productive. Clutter also limits the flow or Chi which good Feng Shui requires. Removing clutter can radically transform the atmosphere in your home, improve relationships and bring in new opportunities.

As such, Dr. Yadav and you’ll have me heard it many times too, start small and let go of anything broken, damaged or cracked. Are you unsure where to start? Here are 101 tips to help you.

Are you overwhelmed by the number of suggestions? Just review the first 10 and pick one of them. Done with that one? Move on the next item within these first 10 suggestions. Unsure about your make up’s expiry dates? Check out this post listing how long you should only keep the different products.

In Feng Shui, your home mirrors you. If it’s all cluttered and messy, it indicates so are you and your inner thoughts and feelings. Give yourself the gift of clarity by clearing the clutter in your home. Create physical space which in turn will create head space and invites new ideas and inspirations. Are you ready to let go of clutter and enjoy the benefits?

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