Clean your linen closet

Tackle your linen closet this weekend

Do you dread opening your linen closet? Are you afraid of your bedsheet falling on to you when opening that door? Don’t even know where the matching pillow case is for those sheets? It’s time to clear, clean and organise your linen closet!

When I lived in the US, I loved my linen closet. That extra space was fantastic and everyone knew exactly where towels, sheets or extra pillows were. Since then, the luxury of having a dedicated closet is gone and space is so limited. Being organised is so much more important. So let’s get started!

Take everything out of your linen closet. Put all items on your bed and go through them. Are they still good, e.g. without stains or holes?

Do they still fit your bed? How often have I seen clients keeping sheets that are for beds they no longer have. Think of your kid’s bed, for example. They’ve grown into an adult sized bed, yet, you may still have the smaller sheets. If they’re in good condition, donate them.

Unless you’re into mix and match, check that your sets are complete. You may not want to have different pillow cases. Or different pillow cases, different fitted sheets and different duvet covers. Again, if they are in good condition, donate them and make someone else happy.

Think also about the number of linen you have. While just 2 sets for each person in your household may be too minimalistic, it actually works. You can use one while the other one is in the laundry. Having 4 or more sets for each person, may be a bit much.

Clean the shelves in your linen closet. When was the last time you cleaned it? Since everything is out, it’s perfect time to clean it. Wipe the shelves with a damp cloth and let it dry before putting anything back.

Organise it. Put each bed set together. That is the pillow cases with the fitted sheets and the duvet cover. You can fold everything so it fits in a pillow case, easy to store and to take out when needed.

Are you struggling following that fitted sheet nicely? Get some help from Martha.

Alternatively organise it by pillow case, sheet and cover. That way, you can quickly choose what you need and go wild mixing and matching.

You can also store it by room, e.g. master bedroom, kids’ rooms, guest room.

Keep your bedding separate from your towels, e.g. on different shelves. This makes it easier for everyone in your house to take what they need when they need it.

Why not spend half an hour this weekend tackling your linen closet? Set yourself an alarm and start. Don’t work on another project until you’ve completed this one. Ready for your weekend challenge?

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