Spring clean your kitchen

Spring clean your kitchen this week

Spring clean

21 March represents the beginning of Spring 2019. We can’t wait for this season. Known as the season where new life starts, it’s also the start for new projects. By now, many have given up on their New Year’s resolutions, let’s start fresh and get your home in order. This month, we’ll help you with practical tips for your spring cleaning and we’ll focusing on 4 different zones in your room. We’re starting with the kitchen this week.

Declutter first

Start with some quick decluttering sessions before you start with the actual spring cleaning. As you go through your kitchen, ask yourself how much space you have. If your cabinets are spilling over, it’s time to declutter some more.


  • Remove everything from your pantry
  • Check for out of date food, condiments and spices. Also check for spoilt food (e.g. brown spots or mould). Throw them out
  • Wipe shelves with wet cloth
  • Put still good food back
  • Place items which will expire soon at the food and use them up!

Fridge freezer

  • Remove everything from your fridge. Put it in the cooler to keep it chilled while you’re tackling this activity
  • Check for out of date food and condiments. Also check for spoilt food (e.g. wilting or mould). Throw them out
  • Take out the shelves and clean them with hot water
  • Vacuum the back of the fridge/freezer
  • Clean door with a wet cloth
  • Clean the inside of the fridge with a wet cloth
  • Put the dried shelves back in
  • Put still good food back
  • Place items which will expire soon at the food and use them up!

Kitchen appliances

  • Clean small appliances (e.g. crumbles in the toaster)
  • Put all those not used on a daily basis into a cabinet

Kitchen towels

  • Declutter stained, ripped, worn out kitchen towels
  • Do you want to cut any up and use them as cloths for the cleaning below?

How many dishes spring clean


  • This is all about your mugs, cups, glasses, plates, bowls, saucers and storage containers
  • Declutter anything that is chipped or broken
  • Declutter containers without a matching lid
  • Donate excess items (e.g. too many coffee mugs)
  • Donate those you never use or like

Pots and pans

  • Declutter anything that is too damaged or worn for use
  • Declutter pots and pans without a matching lid
  • Donate excess items
  • Donate those you never use or like

Spring clean with the top down approach

As with other cleaning projects, start from the top. Any dust and dirt can simply fall to the ground and you can spring clean the floors at the end.

Top level

  • Dust off the top of all upper cabinets
  • Dust the kitchen ceiling fan
  • Check all lights and replace as needed
  • Clean the kitchen windows

Eye level

  • Wash any curtains
  • Dust any bookshelves, pictures, clocks and whatever else is on your walls
  • Clean the microwave
  • Clean the fridge and freezer (see above)

Replace sponges spring clean

Waist level

  • Descale your coffee maker and/or kettle
  • Clean all counters and backsplash
  • Sharpen the knives in a knife block
  • Clean the stove top, oven and knobs
  • Clean the sink
  • Throw out old sponges
  • Clean the dishwasher
  • Vacuum or wipe the chairs seats depending on material
  • Clean the dining table

Floor level

  • Take the trash out
  • Bring the recycling to the recycling bank
  • Dust baseboard
  • Vacuum and wash any small rugs
  • Sweep through kitchen, then mop the floor

You can tackle these different activities in one session over the weekend. Alternatively, you may want to do it for 15 minutes every day of this week. Set a timer and make it a game. How quickly can you go through an activity, let go and declutter before cleaning the area?

We’d love to hear how you’re going to spring clean your kitchen. Let us know how you’re getting on and leave us a message!

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2 thoughts on “Spring clean your kitchen this week

  1. Espresso machine has been descaled! That should be #1 on the list! 🙂 Thank you for this motivational post – My kitchen needs more than decluttering and cleaning – it needs a fresh coat of paint! – Doing this first will help me evaluate how much I will need to do to prep for painting.

    • Hi Kelly, thanks a lot for the feedback. Which colour will you choose? Great to see this will help you save time when you’ll do the actual painting! Agni

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