October is another “No Spending Month”

Will you join me?

It’s a little bit later than my usual blog post. But today, I had a very good reason: I had to store all my groceries and other the other things bought while visiting my family last week. And how much I had to put away! Tons! After all, I flew back with 40 kgs (88 lbs). To my defence, not of it was for me. Some things were presents for upcoming birthdays or requests from friends.

Still, I’ve enough food till Christmas and am making October another “No Spending Month”.

Earlier this year, I already follow the game many minimalists play. “Don’t buy anything.”  It was during the fasting period and not having fasted before, I thought spending money was a great thing to give something up!

Being social

I’m now a lot more aware of much going out is part of this region’s culture and I not will not artificially force myself to stay in. Instead, I’ve already decided which 3 events I’ll fully embrace and treat as my luxury for this month. Should a friend ask me out, I’ve saved plenty of free coffee vouchers.

October is also going to be a busy month for work. A number of business-related events are scheduled and I’ll get my social fix for sure this way, too.

Cooking from scratch

You’d be amazed by the amount of food past its expiry date I’ve thrown away when decluttering with clients. It’s such a waste to first buy and yet never eat it. Don’t get me wrong! I too have had food past its expiry date.

With the “No Spending Month”, the goal is to eat more of what’s already here. Using what’s in the pantry and what’s in the freezer. It’ll be a wonderful way to create space in the cupboards again!Spending Can this be too much

First step to declutter

Returning with some new clothes, too, the “No Spending Month” will also be another decluttering project. Just like creating space in the kitchen, it’s time to say good-bye to some old and worn out clothes.

The decluttering project shall not stop with my wardrobe. I’m looking forward to setting some time aside to also declutter, shred and organise the remaining magazines and more paper work. Have you noticed how much unnecessary paper we’re having in this region? It’s unbelievable!

Join me

Are you going to join me during this “No Spending Month”? Or have you already started (and completed) your own “No Spending” day, week, month or even year? How was it? I’m curious what was your biggest challenge? Share it with us by leaving a comment below!

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