It’s NOW (National Organising Week)

We encourage the nation to get organised during NOW!

APDO Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers is running the 4th annual NOW National Organising Week this Autumn. Through social media, blogs and partnerships, the association will motivate and inspire people just like you to organise their homes and workplaces. We are taking part in the campaign and bring it to this region!

As professional organisers, we know the benefits of organisation and they can be anything from

  • increased creativity
  • greater productivity
  • improved time management
  • revitalised relationships
  • peace of mind!

While we provide support, encouragement and professional advice every day, we encourage the nation and you in having a “good old sort out” during this year’s NOW!NOW National Organising WeekNOW is being planned and co-ordinated by two of APDO’s voluntary board members: Katherine Blackler, Head of Partnership Liaison, and Kate Ibbotson, Head of PR & Marketing. Both run their own professional organising businesses: SortMySpace and A Tidy Mind.

Katherine says: “We’re excited to run this initiative once more. NOW gives the public a great excuse to finally tackle those tasks or piles they’ve been promising to do for ages. So because we get to see the benefits of better organisation all year round, it’s only fair to let you all in on some of our professional organising secrets during NOW!”

Kate says: “I’m passionate about being organised because I know how much time being disorganised eats up. As a busy working mother, I need simple systems, which make my life a little easier. So, if a client tells me one of my technique has made their morning routine run more smoothly, it makes my day! Because of this, I want to spread the message that getting organised can increase contentment.”

The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers represents the UK decluttering and organising industry. Founded in 2004, it is now a thriving professional community with over 250 accredited experts across the UK and internationally. At Organised Life and Mind, we are proud members of ADPO’s international section and are here to support you!

Are you making this week your NOW week? Yes?! Then contact us today! Learn how we help you to free yourself from what’s holding you back and start living a clutter-free life that you deserve!

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