Can you ever have too many make up products?

The daily dilemma of finding your make up

Decluttering and organising a bathroom is probably one of the fun-filled activities for Organised Life and Mind. We may not spend a lot of time there. Yet, getting ready in the morning, applying the make up, preparing for the day ahead, is such a crucial time. How often are you looking for your favourite make up in the mornings?

A recent client was sick of searching for her make up and not knowing how much she all had. Our session was a fun filled afternoon, which probably sounds surprising for you. Not often do people think of organising as a fun activity. What was different here?

Bathroom make up before after

Put everything in the open

My client and I removed everything from her bathroom and poured every bag or container of toiletries on her bag. She was amazed by how much she had accumulated. Some were presents, some were freebies and others were bought because she couldn’t remember having had them.

Make up open

Go through each item

We started by booking at the expiration date for cosmetics and beauty products. Do you know when to let go of yours? If not, here’s a great checklist showing you how long to keep what. We discarded the ones out of date.

We also reviewed whether every item was actually used. My client quickly identified the ones who she used on a daily or weekly basis, the ones brought out for special occasions and tossed the ones she didn’t like or used.

Separate by usage

My client wanted to quickly access her daily make up products. She already had organising tools like the little, acrylic drawers. We put her make up by category in it: Lip liner, lip gloss, lip stick, eye shadow, eye liner and mascara were put in separate drawers. The drawers were arranged following her normal way of applying the make up. What she uses first, was put as the top drawer.

Bigger items like primer, foundation, rouge and brush were put in an open, acrylic container. We ignored the separation of the container to make it fit for her.

Follow your natural flow

Just like storing the items, we placed the beauty items according to their flow on the counter. Those being used every day are in the front. Those used only every other day are further back. This makes it easier in the morning, trust me!Make up bathroom before after

Regularly purge

We were laughing when my client realised how many products of one particular type (one she’s not using often) she has. I’ve encouraged her to review her items on a regular basis (e.g. first Saturday in the quarter) and throw out the ones expired or no longer wanted. Being organised and decluttering go hand in hand.

It’s a great feeling getting dressed and ready for another wonderful day. Don’t lose it with the stress of searching for your different make up items. If you like to gain some time and peace of mind by putting functionality and efficiency into your morning routine, contact me. I’d love to help you start your day stressfree!

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