Prepare for the wedding season

Prepare for the wedding season

Join your friends for their wedding celebrations

The month of May is also the beginning of the wedding season for so many couples. We’re excited to attend our first wedding of 2018 soon. It will be a joyful event and we can’t wait to see old friends and family members again.

With weddings costing on average GBP 27,161 in the UK or over USD 30,000 in the US, it’s not a cheap day out for anyone. Plan and budget for attending a wedding to enjoy the day with a beautiful couple to the max!

The invitation

Weddings can become expensive, not just for the bride and groom. It’s good to start budgeting for them once you’ve confirmed your attendance. If you are invited to a number of weddings, will you attend all of them? It does add up and you may want/need to decline some, like the one from your mother’s neighbour’s cousin’s flat mate who you’ve met 1x.


Unless the wedding is near where you live, you will need to budget for transportation. In this region, this often means flying. Certain destinations are only available by flying with specific airlines while others may also be offered by low budget carriers. Don’t wait for a late minute booking to avoid the high fares.

Also keep in mind your transportation around the venue. If you are flying to the wedding, how will you get around? Do you need to hire a car or will public transportation be available? If you don’t want to drive, are taxi or Ubers available?

Don’t forget to check your travel documents are still valid and that you don’t need a visa if travelling abroad.

Join the celebrations wedding


These days, couples often reserve hotel rooms at a reduced rate for their guests. Check with your couple whether something like this has been arranged. You may want to act quickly as they often get snatched up, especially if it’s going to be a larger wedding. You can also check what other hotels, B&Bs or Airbnb options exists.

Do you want to save some money by staying further away from the wedding venue? How much would you need to spend for transportation to the wedding? Check out whether bits you value like breakfast, airport pick up or gym are provided for free.

Some couples offer their home for friends who are happy to stay on the couch. This may not be an option at every wedding (think destination wedding). For many out of towners, we’ve found friends of the couple to open up their homes, too.

The outfit

The outfit can be an easy one for men while women cringe. “What do I wear?” Rather than hitting the shops, shop your own closet first. What did you wear at a different occasion that you can wear at this wedding? Alternatively, think of styling your outfit differently by wearing a statement necklace, taking a shawl along, putting on a bolero jacket or a different clutch.

If you and your friends are of a similar build, you could even shop at theirs. Just make sure you don’t spill any food or drink on their outfit!

Don’t forget to plan for your hair, make up and accessories.

The gift

The traditional toaster or towels as a gift are gone. Many couples have a wedding register where you can shop what they like. This has the advantage that you find something the couple is looking for. However, do they really need an electric dishwarmer?

The trend towards experiences does not stop at weddings. Whether it’s contributing to their honeymoon or giving them a cooking class, there are many options. Hot air balloon rides, a photo shoot 6 months or a year after their big day, an excursion on their honeymoon, couple’s massage, dinner a fancy restaurant, wine and cheese tasting tour, weekend away 8 months into their marriage, a museum’s pass and so on.

The wedding

While at most weddings the food will be provided by the couple, drinks may only be free until a specific time. Afterwards, there’ll be a cash bar where you’d need to pay for alcoholic drinks. Bring enough cash along.

Have also an emergency kit (think of nail file, plasters) as weddings can be long days. If you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes, can you take them off or would this be inappropriate for this setting?

The party weekend

Some couples make their wedding not just a one-day-long celebration. Anyone who has ever been to an American wedding may know this. There’s the rehearsal dinner, some entertainment before the wedding for out of town guests, breakfast  the day after. What’s planned for the wedding you’ve chosen to attend? Do you need to participate in all activities?

Attending a wedding doesn’t need to cost a fortune or create stress for you. We hope our tips will help you to stay within budget and enjoy the beautiful day. If you’ve been or are going to a wedding this month, share your picture. We’d love to hear from you!

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