A dog can change you

How having a dog can change you

5 things I’ve learnt since looking after this cute dog

Growing up, we always wanted a dog. “No,” was the answer and we couldn’t understand why. Now, I do and we’ve only had this tiny cutie for a weekend. If you’re considering watching for a week, fostering or adopting a dog, it will change your life!

You’ll establish some new routines

With our little cutie staying for us for 3 weeks, it is easy. No, it’s easier, as we do have some routines that are pretty set. While we love a chilled morning, it’s now a mad rush. Brush your teeth, get dressed and find the leash. Then, go, go, go.

Luckily, we live close to some green patches and can Tiny out for her first walk somewhere nearby. We’ll see over the next few days, when we’re having 8:00 and 8:30 am meetings, how easy getting out of bed ½ hour earlier will feel.

We’re taking Tiny out 4x day and that’s certainly cutting into work and the normal routine. The working time is stretched longer over the day, although I’m enjoying the breaks in some way. To be honest, though, I’m not sure how anyone working full-time in an office can do this.

Someone exhausted

You’ll get your steps in

With the different walks, we’re varying the lengths. Tiny’s owner said we wouldn’t get our daily limit full. He was so wrong. So far, we’ve walked between 12,000 and 16,000 steps a day. Can you imagine how many steps that’s for a small dog. She’s been doing great!

You’ll see lamp posts in a whole new light

Walking a dog gives you a new perspective. Have you ever noticed how many posts and pillars there are in your neighbourhood? We’re discovering new ones every day. Being so small, she sees everything about 160 cm/5’2” lower than we do and it’s amazing what she watches out for.

Her stopping at so many different (and random!) spots gives us also an opportunity to just step back and take in our environment.

You’ll make new friends

Yesterday, we walked at our usual (human) route. There are always plenty of people, with more walking around the trek in the evening and on weekends. Nobody ever talks to anyone. Except when you have a teeny tiny dog who’s pretty cute.

I ended up chatting with this lovely lady for almost an hour and we’re meeting for another walk later this week.

You'll make new friends

You’ll know if you truly want a dog

After the few days we’ve been looking after our little dog, I can say “I love dogs”. Unfortunately, I can also say I won’t dedicate enough time and attention for a dog. This may sound harsh and you may judge me for it.

Seeing this little one being always in an apartment, being exposed to green grass on a daily basis for the first time and looking for a play buddy for more than just 30 minutes… it’s not fair on her. A dog, or any other animal, deserves better. They’re not just cute pets you can put in your purse and show off.

A dog is for life!

How did you find your pet? And how have they changed your life? Post a picture of them in the comments box.

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