Are you ready for graduation

Are you ready for graduation?

What needs to be done for a graduation party

This weekend, my friend and I were talking about graduation. Her son is finishing up the last few days of high school and can’t wait to start his next chapter in life. It was exciting to see him thrilled about his college choice and his mom, my friend from school, prepare for the party. I loved how relaxed both about it, mainly because they are prepared.

To also enjoy a stress-free party, we’re giving you this checklist today:

1 month prior:

  • Set a budget
  • Pick a date and time
  • Book a venue if not hosting at home
  • Decide who to invite
  • Send out invitations (including directions to your home)
  • Decide whether gifts (e.g. from a gift registry or monetary) will be allowed. If not, note that on the invitations
  • Choose a theme (or not)
  • Collect memorabilia like certificates, awards, pictures if you make a photo board or presentation

2 weeks before:

  • Choose the food, snacks and beverages
  • Contact and select a caterer if you’re not making the food yourself
  • Look out for any special offers for the food and beverages
  • Check whether you’ll have enough linens, serving plates, plates, silverware and glasses
  • Buy or book any additional chairs, tables, plates, silverware and glasses
  • Track the RSVPs
  • Order any food and beverages
  • Book any entertainment or nominate a member of your family/friend to be the DJ
  • Book your pet into a kennel if they cannot be around guests

Do you want to cook for a graduation

1 week before:

  • Book a cleaning service if you don’t have a maid
  • Confirm any catering or rental books
  • Buy any decoration (e.g. balloons, flowers)
  • Clean your house (don’t forget to put out extra toilet papers)

On the day:

  • Charge your phone and camera to take plenty of pictures
  • Pick up any ordered food and beverages if they don’t deliver to your house
  • Take your pet to the kennel
  • Decorate your home or venue
  • Put out the memorabilia board and start presentation
  • Set up chairs and tables if hosting the party at home
  • Put out the food and beverages
  • Take pictures with guests
  • Celebrate the graduate

After the party:

  • Take out the rubbish
  • Pick up your pet from the kennel
  • Return any rentals
  • Pay any bills for the caterer, DJ or rental company, etc.
  • Download the pictures
  • Send out thank you notes

Getting a graduate to prepare for their last day can be emotional and stressful. This checklist will reduce the stress and let you be in control. Now it’s your job to bring some tissues and enjoy this special day. Congrats!

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