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Make time for some reflection this Ramadan

Today’s the first day of Ramadan. My Muslim friends will fast during day and only eat and drink after sunset. If you’ve ever been to this region, you may wonder how they can bring such a sacrifice when it’s easily 36 C/96 F outside. For me, eating only at lunchtime can be difficult and I couldn’t imagine what fasting for a month feels like. My Muslim friends have explained to me, however, that Ramadan is not about food and drink. It’s also about reflection.

This year, we’ll make time for our very own reflection during Ramadan. Each day, we’ll pose one question and invite you to also think about it. Join us on our Facebook page where we’ll publish the daily reflection question at 4:30 pm (GMT +4).

Today’s question for you is: What are you grateful for today?

Reflection challenge grateful

What am I grateful for?

I’ve been grateful for enjoying the day without jetlag (after yesterday’s flight), for being able to breathe, for What’s App and being able to leave voice messages for my mother and friends abroad, for the advice of my tax consultant, for a corporate client confirming a long-term project, for being able to walk outdoors for 45 minutes, for my cup of Barry’s Tea when my energy levels did go down, for changing lives via Organised Life and Mind, for the unexpected chat with my neighbour in the hall, for being excited about a potential project that will push my boundaries, for awesome friends and an even more awesome family, for being loved and love,…

Benefits of reflection

You see there’s so much I’m grateful for. Taking some time to just think, maybe taking even a bit more, there’s so much in a little question that keeps your mind going. Or did thoughts just race around your mind as if they were driving on the Autobahn? Reflection gives you this opportunity to expose so much, it can be surprising and scary what you discover.

Still, every revelation can also help you to learn more about you, your personality and values, come up with new ideas and improve your communication with others. This Ramadan, enjoy the benefit of slowing down when you reflect. We don’t need to be busy 24/7.

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