Why do you want to get organised?

As we’re entering now the second week of 2016, you can still find tons of articles sharing tips and supporting you to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions. Organising in 2016 seems to be one of the most selected resolutions this year and I’m wondering what has caused this trend.

While on a business trip, I watched the show “Hoarders”. If you’ve not heard about it, it’s an American series that looks into the homes of people suffering from the behavioural disorder of compulsive hoarding. Hoarders generally cannot part from their stuff. For them, every piece, including the old ice cream tub, has value. Everything! Even if it’s broken, stained or covered in mold.

Now, the vast majority are far from being hoarders. According to Professional Organizers in Canada (POC), 70% of us don’t see themselves as very organised though. No wonder that it’s one of the top resolutions this year.

But why are folks now saying they want to be organised or be better organised?

I’ve heard from clients that they want their free time back. Living in Dubai, our days are centred around work. The time difference to Europe and America often requires meetings outside normal working hours.

For clients in international roles, they’re looking at maximising their productivity at work to know where files are saved, when proposals are required and how to conduct effective meetings. This frees up time and removes unnecessary time wasters.

With an organised and intentional work space, employees are more focused which complements their productivity.

Many employees are keen to climb the corporate ladder and are looking to make a better impression at work. While your achievements will be invaluable, you’re now also requested to look the part. An organised wardrobe will complement your professional accomplishments and fashion is taken seriously in Dubai.

Residential clients also comment on getting more out of their day. Now, no one has more than 24 hours available in a day, yet, some people seem to juggle it in an easier way. Professionals are asking me to help them find ways to combine their work and private life. This could be by prioritising what’s really bringing joy to my clients and getting rid or outsourcing activities (e.g. laundry), which gives them back some time.

I’ve had clients who forgot submitting documents prior to a deadline and, as a consequence, experienced professional and/or personal setbacks. Here in Dubai, you don’t want to miss any payments or even have your cheques bounce due to insufficient funds in your bank accounts, just because you forgot to transfer your funds. These situations could have been avoided by forward planning, having the required forms or information and scheduling time to complete these activities.

Looking for things causes a lot of stress. In fact, 19% of Canadians cannot relax at home because of the clutter and disorganisation. It also means a lot of time spent searching for misplaced items. Neither of them are good for your health. Searching for something sucks energy out of you.

Often, people are looking to save money by being more organised. How often has it happened that just after a trip to the supermarket, you’re realising you have this food item already? 2x, 3x, 4x? I’ve worked with clients who’ve brought the same outfit a couple of times because they couldn’t find it in their closet or didn’t remember they own it already. Not only will you’ve spent money on a duplicate but you’ll know also require additional space for keeping the thing.

I’ve seen clients want to stop paying for the external storage unit and were seeking help getting these cleared or at least substantially reduced. These clients didn’t stop at the storage unit, but also carried on at home. They’re now enjoying more free space at home, too.

Clients are repeatedly commenting on the amount of stuff they’ve accumulated since they’ve moved to the Middle East. Having less stuff will actually help you to value and appreciate the things you love. Plus, there’ll be less to clean.

Due to the cluttered and messy state of the house, some clients have been embarrassed to invite friends and family over to visit, leaving a stain on their relationship. Relationships, however, can improve as you spend more time with them.

You see that there are plenty of reasons why folks are wanting to be (more) organised. I wish them all the success to achieve this either alone or with help from a professional organiser like me. If you like additional support, contact me here.

I’d love to hear what your reasons for wanting to be (more) organised are. Will you share them with us by leaving a comment below? Can’t wait to read it!

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