Fire!!! What would you take from a burning house?

Just imagine your house is on fire. The flames are spreading quickly. But you were given special protection by the fire fighters to quickly take few things. What would you take with you?

As horrible (and dangerous) as this situation is, the question brings a dilemma along. Would you take what’s practical (e.g. your insurance documents), what has value (e.g. your money) or what has sentimental value (e.g. a a necklace from your husband)? And what about your pets?

Being asked this question during a pleasant chat over a coffee made me wonder. You hear of plenty of fires in the UAE and my cousin’s house burnt down about 8 years ago. It’s not impossible to happen, though, inshallah, it won’t.

At home, I looked around and took it all in. The wooden art pieces brought back from Africa, the evergreen plants, my Grandmother’s china and pictures documenting the fun we’ve had on so many occasions, to name just a few. What would I take?

There are some many items which are practical like the Japanese cutting boards. However, they are not irreplaceable. In fact, most of the kitchen can be replaced quickly. In the bedrooms, gorgeous clothes and linen are kept. Still, they can also be replaced. Looking at more and more of our stuff, most, if not all, can be replaced.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what’s in the house. But if I only have 1 minute to grab the most important items, what would I take? I’d say my passport and the framed portrait of my Uncle Bernhard.

The passport is for pure practical reasons. Have you ever tried to confirm your identify when your IDs had been stolen? And don’t forget I’m not in my home country, just a guest in beautiful Dubai? Do I really want to have the hassle of replacing everything I owned plus getting all IDs reissued? Not if I can avoid it!My Passport

The picture of my Uncle Bernhard, who passed away way many years before my parents even met, always fascinated me. It’s a black and white portrait of this young gentleman who loved to dance. To me, he looks so handsome and at the same time so serious. This is my piece is of sentimental value and even more important than the passport!BernhardFinally, let’s just assume my iPhone is with me. Ok, so that’s actually the 3rd piece I wouldn’t want to leave behind, despite its recent cracks.

My iPhone

If you only a few minutes to escape your burning home, what would you take? Something practical like your passport or phone, maybe something more valuable like your cash reserve or something of emotional value like a childhood toy? Share what you’d rescue by leaving a comment below.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Until next time,

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