Have you expressed your gratitude lately?

What are you grateful for?

The US is celebrating Thanksgiving today. It’s the day for family and friends, good (and maybe too much) food, football and gratitude. It can be expressed in so many different ways and it’s been scientifically proven that practising gratitude attracts more positivity in your life.

How do you show your gratitude?

Expressing your gratitude can enhance your relationships, whether at home or at work, improves your overall health and increased happiness in your life. Now, that’s something everyone wants to benefit from, right?! Here are 10 easy activities for you to start expressing your gratitude today:

1. Keep a gratitude journal or jar. Write down the positive moments, things, experiences people in your life.

2. Be mindful. Start walking and notice the sounds of the birds, the smell of grass or feeling the warm sun on your face. All little things you can appreciate and be thankful for.

3. Send out thank you notes. Expressing a thank you on paper (or on email) feels great for the sender and the receiver.

4. Join a cause. Supporting a group with your time, money or donations and seeing it being put at good use pays you back with the “feel good factor”.

5. Be patient even when you’re in a hurry. It’s so often forgotten in this region.

6. Show your loved ones how much they mean to you. Include a note in their lunch box or put it on the bathroom room mirror.

7. Write a positive review about the service you’ve received at last night’s dinner. Share your positive experience with the team that waited on you.

8. Invite a neighbour over for a meal or a cup of coffee. Let them relax and share their day with you.

9. Do something for your loved ones that they don’t like. You’re expressing your gratitude to them, even if you don’t like the activity either.

10. Make your environment an even more beautiful one by picking up litter when you see it.

While I’ve had a pretty bad start into the day (forgot keys to the office at home, top ripped and dropped lunch on my trousers), I was so grateful coming home to dinner already on the table and receiving wonderful news from my sister. Here’s a big heartfelt thank you to my loved ones!

This Thanksgiving (or Thursday, if you’re not in the US), express your gratitude. Whether it’s for the people in your life, moments of the last week or achievements you’ve enjoyed or witnessed, be thankful and show it. If you want to share it with us, leave us a note in the comments box!

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