Why you need a break aka a holiday

It’s time to book your holiday

Last year, we urged you to do nothing for an entire weekend. Today, we’re asking you to take it further: Take a long break aka a holiday!

We did exactly that. Over Eid, we decided to go away and what a beautiful holiday we had. We were able to catch up with friends, enjoy good food and simply relaxed. When was the last time you went on a proper holiday?

  1. Create meaningful family time

So often, folks in this region spend their hard earned holidays visiting relatives back at home. If lucky, they are staying in a hotel room and not at their parents’ home. Especially if you have children, you know how uncomfortable being cramped into one room can be.

The visits, or should we say, the rushing around, becomes stressful. You don’t enjoy the meeting and feel excited rather than looking forward to the next one.

Taking a holiday lets you spend quality time with your family. Leave the hurry behind and appreciate being together. Play a board game, dip into the sea, go hiking, take a cooking course, make a firepit or read a book (out loud). What’s on your list of activities to try?

Create memories on a holiday

  1. Recharge your batteries

If you’re living in a busy city like us, you know the drill. You get on the highway, hurry to work, hoping there won’t be any traffic jams. You run from meeting to meeting, checking your emails while drowning a sandwich and doing your actual work in the evening. This rate race is not sustainable.

If you’re running a company or have a regular 9-5 job, you’ll need a break. No matter what you think. You need a break to re-focus and stay productive. While a long weekend can offer that, studies have shown that you need at least 8 days before you can relax and refresh.

  1. Slow down

As you’re refuelling your body and mind, you’ll notice your stress levels also decrease. The pre-holiday madness is finally over. You are no longer in the daily routine and can start to take things easy. Just like you don’t have to tick off relative and doctor’s visit, you can now decide what you wish to do when.

Slowing down has shown to be beneficial to reduce your chance of a burnout. You’re away from stressors like a micromanaging boss or annoying colleagues. IT does no longer determine your working day. You are now getting back in charge of what you want to do and when.

Taking it slow allows you further to be more mindful of your different activities. We hurry through life. Should you be able to pause for a while?

Productivity before a holiday

  1. Be inspired

Going on a holiday is so rewarding. Even if you stay within your country, there’ll be new activities, new sights, new people, new dishes to explore.

Travel broadens the mind. Dr. Seuss already talked about all the places you’ll see and he was right. Going on a holiday can give you these new desires to explore and continue trying what you did on your holiday at home. We still have fond memories of our cooking class in Tuscany some years ago.

When are you going on a holiday again? Don’t forget to send us a postcard!

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