Spring clearing 2019

Move Over Spring Cleaning – It’s Spring Clearing Week!

You’ve done the cleaning, let’s start the clearing

As a member of APDO, the Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers, we are is looking to rid this region off its clutter this Spring. It’s time to start the Spring clearing!

A survey by Money Magpie* found that less than half of Brits bother with an annual Spring clean. 60% view it more as a decluttering exercise than a traditional deep-clean. Do you think it’s any better where you live?

So, in 2018, APDO introduced #SpringClearingWeek. This campaign, now in its second year, focuses on decluttering and clearing both our spaces and minds. We supported our clients then and are excited to help them again this year!

Along with APDO members in the UK, our team at Organised Life and Mind will be encouraging you to clear the clutter from you homes during this year’s Spring Clearing Week.

Clear your home Spring clearing

Over the last 4 weeks, we’ve given you a head start for your kitchen, living room, bedroom and entry hall. The lovely Michele shared how she felt inspired and cleared not only her pantry but also cleared some of her kitchen counter. The beautiful Kelly was motivated and decided to put on a new coat of paint for her kitchen to truly welcome Spring.

Leave a comment and share how Spring cleaning and clearing is going for you. Prefer to send us a personal note? We’d love to receive your email!

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