Spring clean your bedroom oasis

Spring clean your bedroom this week

Create your bedroom oasis

The weather over the last few days wouldn’t let you think Spring is on its way. Don’t worry. It’ll be here soon. We can’t wait for temperatures to rise a little bit. 25 C/77 F would be perfect. You know what would be perfect, too? Having a bedroom oasis again! That’s why we’ll be spring cleaning the bedroom this week. Are you ready?

Start with a quick clean sweep

It may be so obvious and yet, we’re often bogged down by it. The mess that’s everywhere in our bedroom. How can we ever create our own little oasis when there’s stuff everywhere? Pick up all the things that don’t actually belong in your bedroom. Put them where their permanent home (aka where they should be) is.

  • Clear what’s on the side table
  • Take used glasses and mugs back to the kitchen
  • Remove electronics and cables (why is there still a charger for a phone you no longer have?)
  • Take out those clothes that need to be returned to the shops
  • Pick up what’s on the floor (e.g. put dirty laundry in the laundry basket, hang up towels in the bathroom)
  • Collect all jewellery and put it in one place like a jewellery box

Spring clean bedroom oasis jewellery

  • Put safety pins back into your sewing kit
  • Place brushes, bobby pins, manicure sets and the whole lot in one spot where you get ready (e.g. bathroom or dressing table)
  • Put away the clothes, bags, magazines, toys, etc. that are on your chair
  • Recycle old magazine and papers
  • Shred old bank statements and other personal documents you find

Continue to declutter

We’re not going to tackle the closet this week. Phew! Yes, you can breeze again and declutter what else is between you and your bedroom oasis right now.

  • Books you no longer read
  • Accessories you no longer wear or use
  • Old glasses from your side table (many opticians take them)
  • Stuffed animals or other memorabilia that remind you of your former partner
  • Old sheets and linens
  • Pillows that have outlived their purposed
  • Curtains and drapes that don’t fit your decor or window measurements
  • Clothes already waiting to be taken to a donation centre

Spring clean bedroom night table

Ceiling to floor cleaning

Now, from our previous spring cleaning posts, you’ll know to clean with the top down approach. Do the same plus these spring cleaning activities in the bedroom:

Spring clean bedroom oasis pillows blankets

You’ve heard it before. Your bedroom should only be used for 2 things. Sleep is one of them. So use this week to tackle your bedroom clutter and create your little oasis. How does your bedroom oasis look like?

Until next time,

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