How to pack for a business trip

How to pack for a business trip

Use a checklist for your next business trip

We’re spending this week on a business trip and are so excited about it. It’s been some time since we’ve travelled for just business. It’s fabulous but oh boy, packing for business is so different than going away for a weekend or for your summer holiday. Here’s our checklist to make packing for a business trip easy for you:

Check the weather

Before you even pack, look at the forecast. Not much is more unpleasant than being inappropriately dressed. Imagine travelling to Europe in November with your summer clothes. You’ll get soaked in the constant rain and probably come back with the flu. Or spend money unnecessarily at the shops, buying clothes you already own.

Look at the agenda

Knowing what types of meetings you’ll have, you can put your outfits together accordingly. If it’s all formal on this business trip, your clothes should reflect that.

Will there be some social activities outside the formal meetings? What do you need for those?

Will you have some time for yourself to explore the destination or participate in some sports? What particular clothes do you need for that?

Will you have time to explore your destination during your business trip

Create your outfits

As your normal wardrobe won’t be available to you during your business trip, decide what you’ll wear each day. Do this before you start packing and see which items you can combine. Imagine this is your capsule wardrobe. What pair of trousers goes with what top? Also, which top can be worn with the suit as well as the skirt and possibly even the pair of jeans?

What shoes can be matched with which outfit? We like to take a pair of slippers to walk freely around the hotel room.

For each day, pack your undies, socks and, depending on your agenda, an outfit for the business meetings, one for social events and one to work out.

  • Undies
  • Socks
  • Tops (shirt, blouse, jumper)
  • Bottoms (trousers, skirt, dress)
  • Jacket, cardigan or all as part of the suit
  • Shoes
  • Pyjama
  • Work out clothes
  • Toiletries, cosmetics and medication (use travel sized ones)
  • Jewellery and accessories (create your capsule wardrobe with these, too)
  • Sleeping mask, ear plugs and case for your glasses

Don't forget your ID when going on a business trip

What else?

If you’re travelling abroad, ensure you have your passport and visa, if needed, before you’ll head to the airport.

We’re nothing without battery these days. Bring your chargers and an adapter, if necessary.

  • Passport and visa
  • Cash and debit/credit card
  • Phone, laptop and/or iPad plus headset
  • Charger, extra charger and adapter
  • Business cards
  • Business documents and presentations (save a copy on a USB stick)
  • Note pad and pen
  • Folder for any business documents given to you and receipts for your expenses
  • Reading material
  • What you do to relax
  • Anything you need for the social and/or leisure activities

When we travelled frequently, we could pack the suitcase within just 15 minutes. Yes, that was superfast but also shows you how you can save time with a checklist and pre-defined outfits, accessories and cosmetics ready to go. In fairness, we took a wee bit longer to pack for this business trip.

Are you travelling for work? What keeps you sane when packing?

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