How to organise after your guests leave

How to organise after your guests leave

What to do when your guests have left

We had 2 special guests stay with us for the last 2 weeks. It was fun. They loved the beach and the warm weather, soaking up every ray of sunshine they could. We laughed over dinner and (over) indulged when it came to dessert. But now, they’re back home and we’re cleaning the house. What are the best ways for cleaning after your guests leave?

The guest room

We’ve started taking off the sheets and bedding, throwing those into the washer this morning. While we’re away at a project, the first load was already on the drying rack. Personally, I love the smell of freshly washed laundry when coming home. The second load went straight into the washer this evening.

The floors

While the washing was going on, we vacuumed the floors. Mopping them will come shortly, after all, this blog doesn’t write itself. Cleaned floors make such a difference. It’s the same for clutter. Once you’ve removed whatever is on the floor (e.g. newspapers, magazines, books, art work, cables), the entire room changes.

The bathroom

Now, this is generally the area I like the least and have procrastinated on it. Towels go into the washing machine. We checked the toiletries which our guests left. Can they be refilled, used up or simply kept for when they return? Perhaps a little cleaning fairy could help wiping the sink and shower and add some sparkle to it?

Good times with friends and guests

The magazines

Our living room has been taking over by fabulous, real newspapers and magazines. The touch of actual paper (yes, plus the black ink on your finger tips) is still something I love. Having a nice cuppa with it, it reminds me of my student days. Still, the newspapers are now over a week old and a quick run through will have to do. Tomorrow, we’ll tackle the magazines and when finished, they’ll end up in the recycling bin.

The fridge

Normally, the fridge is not the fullest in this house. Living next to a couple of supermarkets, it’s easy to pop down and just buy what’s needed, which helps reduce food waste and is kind to our food bill. Yet, when guests visit, we pile up a bit more. Over the next few days, we’ll be eating what’s left by preparing our brown bag lunches (actually, they’ll be in small see through containers). There won’t be any eating out this week either, so our waistline will hopefully show some appreciation.

The pictures

With all of us having an iPhone or the likes, who knows how many pictures and videos we took together. Unfortunately, it was only yesterday that I shared the pictures with a friend who visited 3 weeks ago (R, my apologies!) and was much faster with these guests. They’ve been shared on Dropbox!

Make that cup of tea

Having cleaned and put everything back in its place, it’s time for a nice cuppa and feet up on the couch. Tonight, we’re not going to do anything, just relax. As for our guests, they’ve landed in colder temperatures, missing the sun and catching up on sleep. Guess it was a successful trip!

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