How to perform a closet audit

How to perform a closet audit

10 powerful questions to ask yourself when decluttering your closet

During lockdown, many of us realised the 80/20 rule is true. We are wearing 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. Would you be surprised that sportswear, activewear and loungewear have come out as the winners of this year’s battle for survival. Probably not. With working from home still being offering by some companies in this region, it’s time to perform a closet audit with these 10 powerful questions.

Get in the mood

I’ve seen that most clients prefer to declutter their closet with a little mood booster. This could be turning on your favourite music or making your favourite drink. Some also make sure their family isn’t around as they all too often act as a distraction and clients delay making decisions. What would make you feel in the zone for your closet audit?

Answer honestly

Whether you are a fashionista or conscious of each purchase, chances are there are more items in your closet than what you actually wear.

It’s not uncommon for me to work with clients where the price tags where still attached. Decluttering a perfect, unworn piece is taken to another level and it may feel like a waste letting go of it.

Create new outfits


  1. Does it serve you?
  2. Does it reflect your personality?
  3. Does it fit into your lifestyle?
  4. Do you wear it regularly?
  5. Will you wear it again? This questions is important for seasonal items or those for special occasions, like a dress for a wedding.
  6. Can you combine it with at least 3 other pieces in your wardrobe?
  7. Can you clean it easily? Especially now, you want pieces you can wash yourself.
  8. Is it in good shape (e.g. no stains, no tear)
  9. Does it show you at your best?
  10. Would you buy it again if you were to shop today?

Give away, donate, sell or throw out

Now make your closet audit easy and keep 4 different boxes or bags ready:

  1. Give away
  2. Donate
  3. Sell
  4. Throw out

As you pick up each piece, decide what you want to do with each item you won’t keep. If it’s torn or has stains which can’t be removed, throw it out. That’s probably the easiest option.

Let’s look at the other three categories. Give aways and donations are similar, however, give aways would be to people you know while donations would go to charities or community centres.

Actually wear

During the lockdown, many families used the time to declutter. What started as a way to keep everyone occupied, it also created new space. After all, the donation boxes were stored in the garage and dropped off once the restriction in movement was permitted. Charities have been overwhelmed by all these donations.

Before you’ll take all boxes to a donation centre, give them a call if they’re still accepting donations. You don’t want to drive around with your donation bags for the next 3 months.

If you belong to a church or religious community, check out what they are doing. Generally speaking, they know which members are in need. If you have changed careers or are now permanently working from home, will you still require all your corporate outfits? Donating a suit may help someone feel confident when going to their next job interview.

Benefit from a closet audit

With all the stress, anxiety and feeling of overwhelm experienced by people around the world, don’t let your wardrobe be point of worry. “I’ve nothing to wear” will no longer be a sentence you’ll say in the morning.

By going through your closet, you’ll know how to combine different outfits (see question 6) and don’t have to waste precious time in the morning. Your morning routine has just become so much easier and you can spend these extra 15 minutes for a cup of coffee by yourself, meditate or sleep.

What are you waiting for? When are you going to perform your closet audit?

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