Declutter your bras

How to declutter your bras

Keep only the bras that work with you

Honest answer, ladies. How many bras do you own? Do all of them still support you? If not, it’s time to tackle one of the intimate areas of your closet: Your bra section!

When to declutter

Yes, this may be a tough one. Or maybe it’ll be one of the easiest decluttering sessions you’ll have ever done. If you’re like most women, you probably don’t get measured every 6 months. That’s the recommended period for a bra fitting. Why? Because your body changes. And with your body, your boobs!

A well-fitting bra can give you the support to handle anything coming your way. Don’t you think you deserve this? We think you do!

What to declutter

There are 7 questions which will guide your decluttering:

  1. Is it broken or got holes?
  2. Has it stretched too much?
  3. Does it cut into your flesh or leave squeeze marks (for example where the straps are)?
  4. Is it scratchy?
  5. Does it still fit your shape (e.g. no spillage)?
  6. Does it make you feel good? Sexy? Confident?
  7. Do you wear it?

If you’ve said yes to the first 4 questions, say good-bye. You can donate the bras which don’t work for you. Some organisations even accept unusable bras and recycle their fabric and material.

If you’ve said yes to all of the questions (number 5, 6 and 7), keep it.

Where to donate

Even if an old bra is no longer working with you, it may support another lady. There are plenty of charities that give old ones (regular, sports, maternity, mastectomy) a new home.

Against Breast Cancer raises money for research projects via their bra recycling scheme. Donated ones supports small businesses in Africa. Bras for BombsSmalls for All and ZABRA send them to Africa where a bra is seen as a status symbol and prevents sexual assault on women and children.

I support the Girls, Free the Girls and Donate Your Bra are options for anyone in the US, although they also have a few international drop off/ship to centres. They focus on the empowerment of women, either by education, creation of jobs or stopping human trafficking.

Some stores like Marks & Spencer and H&M offer a recycling exchange. While you’ll hand in your old ones, you’ll get a discount on new purchases.

Bravissimo provides recycling bins and donate 70 pence for every kilo of bras to a charity of their choice, currently Mind. They ship those bras in a useable condition to developing countries and recycle unusable ones into new items.

Now back to you. Did you find this decluttering challenge? Tell us what you’ve done with the bras that no longer work for you. Can’t wait to read your comments!

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