7 times being disorganised costs you money

Don’t let being disorganised also ruin your finances

Did you know that being disorganised doesn’t only drains your energy and sucks up your time? You may already experience it when searching for misplaced items, running late for meetings or moving through cluttered rooms. What about the money? We have identified 7 areas where being disorganised also impacts your wallet. Can you afford that?

1. Late payment fines

Your utility bill arrives, a few days later your cable one and maybe within a week your phone bill. Your credit card bills get delivered too. They may arrive via post or you’ve moved to electronic invoices only. The payment dates are clearly shown on them and you have the best intentions of paying them on time. Then life gets in the way.

Maybe your providers are so good to even send you a reminder before the due date. For whatever reason, you miss paying your bills on time. And again the next month. No big deal, right? Except your provider has added a late payment charge. That’s easily AED 230 in the UAE or USD 39 in the US for credit cards.

Automise bills being disorganised

2. Buying double

Is your closet stuffed with clothes and you don’t even know you own? We’ve seen it many times. Since you don’t remember which dress, top or suit you have, have you bought the same item again? Trust us, you wouldn’t be alone!

Yet, there’s a small difference compared to buying multiples of the same shampoo, lipsticks, books. And that’s price. Still either way, it adds up!

3. Unplanned purchases

How often have you bought food that you already had had home? Similar to buying doubles in the previous point, unplanned food purchases are a huge source of waste: The actual food waste and the money it costs to purchase it.

Being disorganised also makes you grab your breakfast on the go because you didn’t buy any groceries the day before. Or you may be eating out instead of cooking at home  because you didn’t check your calendar and ran out of time between appointments.

4. Lost objects

Can’t find your charger? Checked everywhere or so you say? What do you do? You buy a new one.

Now, if you are uncertain where you keep your items, whether at home or at work, it’s likely that you keep looking for your stuff. Being disorganised may also end in you buying replacements, simply because you can’t find your things. A charger for your phone may be okay. What about losing your medicine?

What do you have at home disorganised cost money

5. Reduced productivity

You already see how being disorganised costs you money when we’re talking about physical items. Unfortunately, it goes further and can cut your efficiency.

You may be late for that make-it-or-break-it meeting with you client. Potentially, you didn’t set a reminder for a business meeting and are now rushing to get everything prepare. Or you are searching for all the products you needed to show case with no success. Searching for emails seems like a minor productivity killer now, doesn’t it?

In all cases, disorganisation limits your productivity.

6. Professional reputation suffers

With a loss in productivity, you may also see your professional reputation in danger. I can’t be creative when my desk is empty, I hear you say. Not so much!

Misplacing important documents and reports or not submitting required information by the deadline date seriously endanger your career progression. If you’re eyeing the move to the next level within your current company or are hoping for your boss to give you a boss in the future, being disorganised is a trait that companies aren’t taking lightly these days. They need to be able to rely on you. If you’re constantly missing appointments, deadlines or are unprepared, kiss that promotion good-bye.

Career progression disorganised costs

7. Missed sales opportunities

If you’re running your own company, you may not follow up on the new leads you’ve identified. Any business owner who doesn’t make the time for the calls or simply forgets about them pay a too high cost. Is your company generating that much money that you can afford to be disorganised?

Start getting organised today

You may be paying a very high price for your disorganisation. It’s not only the time and energy but also money as you’ve read. Make it your reason to change today. Take a small step and address one area. Which one is the most frustrating one for you?

Feeling overwhelmed and would prefer guidance, contact us. We are here to give you that peace of mind again!

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