How to create more balance in your life

3 top tips for more balance

Work-life balance is something so many of us want. But how many of us struggle to get enough balance in our life. It’s not always easy and we’ve collected the top 3 tips that will help you create more balance for you!

Re-evaluate your available time.

We all have 24 hours in our day and you probably know some people managing them better than others. These are checking what’s on their plate and determine their priorities before fitting anything else in. This balance allows them to live more satisfied.

To evaluate your time and to find ways to create the balance in your life, track how you spend your time for a week. Are there any surprises where your time went? Is there anything you can stop doing to create the time for the people or activities that bring you energy and pleasure?

How do you spend your time create balance

Establish your boundaries.

Whether it’s at work or at home, you don’t have to be Mr. or Mrs. Do-It-All. You can give your best at work while you’re there and limit your working from home outside regularly working hours. You may check your emails for 30 minutes after dinner or after your kids are in bed. Share these boundaries with your team to also manage their expectations and stick with them yourself. Your boundaries become meaningless if you work online for 2 hours despite your own limit of 30 minutes.

The same goes on the home front. Saying “no” to create your own balance can be tough at first. However, there are many ways you can politely decline an offer. I practice the “one event per evening” rule as rushing from meeting with one friend to another did not give us the quality we all want. If it’s a quick catch up, it’s a call.

Learn to delegate.

Getting help can free up your time and allow you to work on your priorities. Delegate activities at work to your admin or one of your co-workers during busy periods. You can re-pay them when work is taken over for them.

At home, consider hiring a cleaner for the chores you don’t like or which are robbing you off your time. This could be a cleaner (I don’t like mopping floors) or using the dry cleaner for ironing your outfits. It may also be getting groceries delivered (very convenient when it comes to heavy items!) or a trusted driver to take your kids to their appointments.

By knowing how much time you have and using your support network, you can work towards what matters to you. This in return lets you achieve more and give you the feeling of living in balance.

What’s been the best thing you’ve done for yourself to create more balance in your life?

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