3 habits highly organised people

3 Habits of highly organised people

How to become a highly organised person

Remember Sarah Jessica Parker in “I don’t know how she does it”? While society still tells us you can’t have it all, being highly organised gives you more freedom. We’ve looked into the habits of people who juggle a number of roles and found 3 common traits:

1. They have a routine.

Making time for what’s important to you sounds simple, right? Going to the gym, spending time with your family, catching up with friends, reading the latest novel. But then life gets in the way.

Not for highly organised people. One of their habits is to schedule time for what matters to them. They add these activities to their calendar. For them, this time also gives them the energy to tackle whatever the day throws at them. Just listen to Dubai Eye’s interview with Ranesh Suri, MD, DPhil, Chief Executive Officer, Chief of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery at Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi. He’s a firm believer in making exercise and family part of your daily routine to give back more to others.

Knowing their priorities, they can and will say “No” to other meetings and activities. Whether these simply clash from a time perspective or these activities suck out more energy than they give back.

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2. They tidy as they go along.

Have you seen the commencement speech delivered by Admiral William H. McRaven? He explains why it’s so important to make your bed every day. It’s your first achievement of the day and wires your brain for success.

For highly organised people, this is one of their most successful habits. They follow this mantra and tidy their home then and there. If you’re finished with the coffee and know you’re not going to have anymore, put the mug directly into the dishwasher. Don’t let it sit on the dining table or move it into the kitchen sink. Take it directly to where it belongs.

At the same time, they organise as they go along or set regular time slots away for it. This way, they are in control of the clutter. For highly organised people, it’s a way to prevent clutter from becoming this unbearable monster, as many perceive it.

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3. They seek help.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or want to make your life easier, surely getting others to help you should be widely accepted. Asking for help seems to be a no-no, a sign of weakness. Someone please explain to us why!

Our highly organised individuals enrol family members in their daily and weekly activities. When we were growing up, this was called chores and your contribution to family life. We’ve heard folks calling this life skills nowadays. Whatever you call it, get your child involved and teach them responsibility.

Highly organised individuals are also likely to hire external help, for example a cleaner once a week. They outsource activities which they don’t like or prevent them from pursuing more meaningful activities.

For us, ironing is relaxing. Others see it as a pain. For these guys, they have someone else do this for them. They’re freed up to focus on their work, play with their children or enjoy a hot bath (probably not while the helper is there).

Which of these habits could you adopt from highly organised people? Perhaps you have your very own super habit. Share it with us!

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