Summer time is travel time

What souvenirs will you bring back this summer?

Many people are using the summer months to escape their daily life and go on holidays. Travelling to a foreign country, exploring a new cuisine, trying out a different activity. Summers are a great time to do something new.

As we travel, we’re often fascinated by the different and new impressions. Being so different to our normal life, we come back not only with plenty of souvenirs but also ideas and energy. How do you keep that holiday feeling alive once you’re back at home?

Bring some home deco back. When we travelled to Asia, I fell in love with their love for tea towels. Knowing that I’d always use them, I decided to buy a couple. They’re a constant reminder of those summer trips and infuse a bit of those country into my kitchen.

Rather than buying all cute things you come across, be mindful of what you need at home. Are you thinking of getting new cushion covers anyway? Do you need a new table cloth? Look out for these when travelling.

Display your souvenirs. We used to have sand in a jar. Being young, we thought we could also trap the fresh sea air in that jar. We didn’t realise every time we opened it, the air would leave.

These days, memory boxes or glass coffee tables are a wonderful way to display your most cherished souvenirs of that summer. Keep your most precious memories (e.g. the boarding pass, a foreign note or coins, a picture of you, your family and your friends abroad, a leaflet of a tour you took) and let the rest go.
Use your souvenirs. Food is a huge part of our daily life. Globalisation has made it easier to obtain foreign foods wherever you are. Yet, for me, being able to bring back unique foods also gives me that summer feeling when eating them at home. It also allows me to share my memories with my loved ones and bring something from the country back to them.

What do you normally bring back from your travels? For us, the majority of souvenirs will be food and I’m already looking forward to having friends over for some relaxed afternoons or evenings, enjoying the different bites.

Will you be looking out for something differently this summer?

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