Spring cleaning? Clear your wardrobe!

How to organise your wardrobe

What you look into any of the Western magazines in the last few weeks? Everyone seems to be talking about spring cleaning. Well, by now, we’re approaching summer, forget spring cleaning your home. Focus on clearing your wardrobe instead!

I’m currently working with a client who’s looking into streamlining her wardrobe, making it more like a capsule wardrobe. You wouldn’t believe the fun we had! She re-discovered items she had long forgotten about and called our session “Shopping in my own closet”.

Ideally, start on a day when you can dedicate a few hours to clearing your wardrobe. Get yourself a cold or hot drink as you wish and turn your music on. It’s amazing how these 2 things can keep you going during your wardrobe clearing.

Put all items out. This allows you to view everything you have. If you’ll see four identical navy blue cardigans laying on your bed, ask yourself whether you really need to keep all four of them.Get all your clothes out

Sort through the pieces which no longer fit. Can you re-sell or donate them? For those piece that are torn or stained, have a rubbish bag readily available. They’ll be thrown out. No discussion!

As my client is big into the Marie Kondo way of organising, a standard question for pieces which were left was: “Do you love it?” If not, the piece was put on a pile for clothes to be donated or sold.

Now, you’ll see what’s left and what needs to find a home in your closet. Do you want to separate your clothes by occasion (e.g. work, leisure, going out and sports outfits)? Do you want to organise by colour or by type of piece (e.g. sleeveless, short sleeves or full sleeve tops)? Do you prefer hanging, rolling or folding your clothes?Wardrobe cleaning

Each of my clients has their own preference and some mix and match. Some have even changed throughout the process as they’ve recognised it was not working for them. You’ll need to find what works for you!

Store items you’re using on a frequent basis within easy reach. Out of season clothes like your ski gear or heavy jumpers (yes, we do have them here in Dubai!) can be put on higher shelves or in storage underneath the bed, if you have that.

As with my client, we put beach wear on a higher shelf as that would only be worn on weekends and everyday items like skirts, trousers and tops were put on eye level and lower shelves.

If you have accessories like scarves and belts, do you want to keep them in your closet or put them in a drawer? You can use hangers specifically designed for scarves and belts, saving you space. Alternatively, you can set up a rod on the inside of the closet door and hang them there.Wardrobe cleaning hangers scarves belts

With my client, we also looked at her handbags and shoes. As a trained Colour Me Beautiful, my client welcomed the different suggestions to combining her outfits with the various accessories she has. It was like she was given a whole new wardrobe.

In Dubai, we may be able to afford purchasing more and more clothes and many homes have huge wardrobes. Yet, this is worth nothing if you’re standing in front of your wardrobe not knowing what to wear. Purge your wardrobe from clothes you don’t wear or like regularly. It’s such a rewarding and empowering activity.

If you don’t want to clean your wardrobe alone, get in touch with me and together, we’ll create the wardrobe where you cannot only find your clothes, but more importantly, know what to wear with what and how! Let me, as your trained Colour Me Beautiful consultant, help you create fabulous outfits which will bring out the best in you!

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