Quick cleaning tips for your kitchen

5 great daily tips for your kitchen

How do you clean your kitchen? No matter how little time I spend in it, there always something to be cleaned. Don’t ask me how as I’m really not the most passionate chef – I love to eat and let others cook! So why is cleaning the kitchen always such a big thing?

To speed up this unwanted task, let me share my best tips for you. Reduce your time cleaning your kitchen with these 5 daily activities:

1. Wipe down your kitchen counters. A wet cloth with some disinfectant can do magic within seconds. This prevents dust, grease or any other residue from sticking to your kitchen surfaces, making the deep clean a lot easier!

2. Clean your stove and oven after each use. Most likely, there’ll be some greasy spots or spills on your stove. Removing them as soon as possible prevents them from hardening. Dry stains often require stronger cleaners (e.g. paste plus scrap knife). This can leave permanent damage especially on induction and electric smooth tops.

3. Take out the rubbish. Trash can produce nasty odours quickly (just think of fish!). It’s also making a psychological difference of feeling in control and having achieved something.

4. Clean your sink and rub it dry after washing any dishes by hand. To be more efficient, put them in a dishwasher. You can run the dishwasher in the evening or overnight to save some money (night rates are generally cheaper). If it’s not full, use the ½ wash function to save water, too.

5. Quickly mop the floor. If you don’t have time for this, at least sweep the kitchen floor and collect any crumbs or other pieces fallen off the counters.

For me, mopping the floor is probably my least preferred cleaning activity. Do you also have someone in your house who can’t see it’s still wet? A little four-legged furry friend maybe leaving nice tiny footprints? Well, there are moments when I could start cleaning the floors again and don’t. I love it clean but I also know when to stop and simply enjoy my cup of Barry’s tea. With that being said, it’s time to enjoy the weekend. Have a lovely one yourself!

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