Own the Weekend!

The weekend is barely over and I’m already writing about the next weekend. Am I nuts? No, though some of my friends may question it at times. Rather than waiting for Thursday night, then debating how to spend the weekend and wasting valuable time, start thinking about it now. To me, it’s also a great motivator which carries me through the week. Are you also looking forward to some of your weekend activities?

When’s that opening of the long awaited restaurant again? Is there an artisan market which you meant to visit for weeks going on? What about this nagging home improvement list that you’ve been putting off? Do you need to complete a proposal for your business?

Follow these easy steps and you’re ready to own the weekend:

  1. What do you want to get out of this weekend? Envision how you want to feel this weekend. Relaxed, energised, active, social, sporty?
  2. Use a calendar and write down your and your family’s engagement. It will prevent you from having to re-arrange double bookings at short notice. Use Doodle if you need to coordinate the best time and date for a larger group.
  3. What activities are a must like attending your sister’s wedding? What activities are a need to do like buying groceries as the fridge is empty? What activities are nice to do (meeting your neighbour for a cup of tea)? If there’s too much on your plate, prioritising according to must, need and nice to do can free up some time.
  4. If you need ideas, Time Out and What’s On publish fabulous ideas and suggestions for weekend activities. Book tickets for popular demands early on to avoid disappointment. Check whether any vouchers like from the Entertainer books can be used.

Have a fabulous week and don’t forget to share your weekend plans in the comments box,


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