Make your bathroom your oasis

Quick cleaning tips for your bathroom

Do you love those bathroom design ideas on Pinterest? I certainly do. Bathrooms that add a bit of calm are my favourite. A bit of greenery, some soft towels and tile colours I love… I love those bathrooms. In the morning, bathrooms may look anything but not like that.

To help you get that spa feeling no matter what time of the day, here are 6 wonderful tips:

1. Hang up your towels. Use a towel bar, for example, over your shower, to save space or hooks behind the door. It’s an easy way to let them dry and to gain control of the chaos in your bathroom.

2. Remove what doesn’t belong here. Pick up items and put them where they belong. Dirty laundry can go directly into the laundry hamper. Empty beach or sports bag can be cleaned and put back into the closet or wherever you keep them.

3. Make your sinks sparkle again. Use a wet sponge, add some scrub and wipe across your sink and faucets. While you’re at it, wipe over your vanity with a damp (and different) cloth. Also clean your toilet. You can use a disinfectant overnight and don’t have to worry about seeing it.

4. Clean your shower after you’ve used it. You can benefit from the hot steam that’s probably still around you. Swipe dry the glass door and quickly run through the tub or over the tiles of the walk-in shower with some cleaning scrub. Don’t forget to empty out the hair catcher. Your loved ones will appreciate it! Put any bath toys into a little container like a hanging fruit basket or this little Munchkin Toy Scooper from Amazon.

5. Reduce the number of shower gels on display. consider the amount of shower gels, shampoos, soaps and so on you keep in the shower. Keep only those that you use on a daily basis. Do the same with your make up and whatever else you keep on your vanity. The items you use on a less frequent basis can be put into clear containers and stored in the vanity’s cupboards or underneath the sink.

6. Add some soft and fresh-looking towels. It’s feared that we don’t wash our towels often enough. It’s recommended to use new ones every 3 days. Replace old towels that have passed their use-by-date.

If you like, add some candles when taking a bath. Create that soothing experience while soaking up in a bubble bath, forgetting the stress of the day.

I’ve added some towels in natural earth colours and some tall green grass to the bathroom. Greenery in the bathroom adds another element of nature, which we so often crave, and gives it that extra zen touch.

Is your bathroom like a little spa for you? Tell us about or, if you like, show us your own oasis!

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