Make space for your Spring wardrobe

The weather may not show it but we’re approaching Spring fast. 20 March is the first day of Spring and I can’t wait for it! This Spring will be the birth of a new period and my wardrobe will some space for it. When was the last time you went through your closet? Make a start this weekend!

Set some time aside. If you have a larger wardrobe, you may want to break it down. Start with your tops, then your jackets, dresses, skirts and trousers afterwards before finishing with your shoes, for example.

Review each piece and ask yourself some questions:

  • Do I still wear it?
  • Does it fit?
  • Does it make me feel good?
  • Does it look good on me?
  • Is it in good shape (e.g. no stains or not torn)?
  • Would I buy it again if I went shopping?

If you answered all questions with yes, you’ll keep it.

If you answered any question with no, the piece will go into one of the 4 bags and you can create space for Spring!

Have 4 boxes or bags ready. One box or bag for clothes that need to be mended by your tailor and you can wear them again. The other 3 bags are for donations, selling and throwing out.

Decide what you want to do with the decluttered pieces. As you go through your clothes, make a decision what you’ll do with the piece and throw it directly into the appropriate box or bag:

  • Donate: Are they still in good condition? Put the box or bag in your car and give them away at a local charity.
  • Sell: Are you into flea markets, the clothes are still fashionable and in good shape? Arrange your place at the next flea market. Anything further out than 2-3 weeks and these boxes will become clutter! Any items you couldn’t sell, donate them.
  • Throw out: Any pieces that can’t be fixed, donated or sold. Take this box or bag out at the end of your decluttering session. You’d be surprised how great it will feel!

Put the remaining pieces back in your closet. How do you prefer to keep them? Hanging? Folded? Rolled up? Chose what works best for you and arrange your wardrobe accordingly. For any Winter item, stow them away from your primary closet space (e.g. at the top shelf).

If you’re looking for a helping hand, who is a trained professional organiser and also a Colour Me Beautiful consultant, giving you expert advice on what colours and styles suit you best, call me! We’d love to make space for your Spring wardrobe!

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